Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas in the Concentration Camp [Swift meat plant raids]

"I’m sure many of you are more than aware of the recent DHS/ICE raids at Swift Meatpacking Plants, which hauled away some 1270 or so immigrants for identity theft violations (of which so far only 65 were actually guilty) . This is an update on what’s going on in Texas."

Should we just look the other way because they are illegal immigrants? Sure, I am all for deporting illegal aliens with no right to be here, but the way DHS/ICE raids places is sure to have mistakes built in. They take everyone to a concentration camp and then sort everything out. If you happen to be an American Citizen, then you get held along with everyone else until your turn is up.

I am sure DHS would be happy to imprison everyone who caused problems for the government, and had the slightest bit of dissenting views about the way things are run. That way they can easily "sift through" everyone to make sure they are not terrorists or worse (someone with a brain). The only problem of course is that you are supposed to have Habeus Corpus and be innocent until proven guilty. The concept of the state proving you did something wrong is long since over. You must now shoulder ALL the responsibility to clear your name.

Things will just get worse. Please get involved, write, read and listen.

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