Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Time to Face Facts About Surging Iraq War Costs

"'As one pores through the spending numbers, one thing is clear: The costs will be steep no matter what. The open question is, will Congress continue to act as if that doesn't matter?' - Kevin Hassett of Bloomberg"

We keep hearing from the President that we must "stay the course". "We are bringing freedom to the people of Iraq", and "we are a peaceful nation". I need to step back from time to time and just ponder these thoughts.

Will somebody please tell me a tangible good thing that has come from the Afghanistan or this Iraq war? We have over 3000 some soldiers dead, and that doesn't include the wounded or maimed. We have killed over some 300,000 Iraqi people and those are conservative numbers. Actually, population stats show there were 27 million people in Iraq around 2002, and now they are at 26 million. Iraq was a booming country with modern amenities. Sure, they had a republic which was mostly run by dictators and tyrants, but it kept many waring factions at bay.

Here at the "homeland" we are getting a rising police state, cameras tracking us everywhere, we are moving to a cashless society, our guns are being taken away, FEMA can't seem to understand the reason they exist, homeland security is acting like the SS, we have NO border security, our prisons are packed full, rfid tracks us, cell phones track us, the fbi uses the patriot act for crime (not just terrorism), and our education system sucks.

I happen to live in a nice neighborhood, but how about you? How are your surroundings, how does your police department treat you, how do you get treated by any federal security service? I want to know.

The Iraqi government doesn't know how to run a country, #1. The police force is a joke, and the federal police force is run by thugs. Iraq is pretty much in a civil war, which we provoked. I don't think there is much of a way to get out of it either.

I would like to think the money we forfeit to the government is being used to protect our freedoms, educate our kids, feed the poor, even help other countries. I don't see any of this happening right now. Instead we get a billion dollars a day being wasted on provoking a civil war and getting more of our kids dead.

I am sure the war profiteers are going yeah! bring it on. Our friendly oil companies are going yeah! bring it on. While our soldiers just say, "I want to come home now please".

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