Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A worrying sign of political brainwashing in schools.

"My concern here is not the anti-bush theme but that it is political at all. Schools should be teaching 123 and abc not who you should be voting for. Malkin seems to be concerned more about the anti-bush theme. Look beyond that because stuff like this was encouraged in nazi-germany as well as the USSR."

Yeah, also agree. Holy crap, I agree with Michelle Malkin on some point? (Well that and illegal immigration). This teachers union stuff is absolute rubbish, and they should be called on it. Politics needs to be left out, parents will get their two cents in enough at home.

Our kids should understand how the government is supposed to work (at least the way the constitution teaches) and how everything has become with the political lobby groups and how campaign "fund raising" allows are leaders to properly guide their efforts into the right places. /sarcasm.

My personal views are that our kids, through high school, need to understand enough in order to better prepare them for college. Once they get to college, they get bombarded with all kinds of political viewpoints, and they need to understand how to fend for themselves and know who is blowing smoke up their backsides.

We don't have a perfect system, so it is up to the parents and teachers to prepare them for the rough road ahead. We have strayed so far from that in our education system it is shameful. All I know is that when my kids are going through school, the policies at school will have a close watch.

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