Sunday, October 08, 2006

Is the Republican revolution over?

"After controlling both houses of Congress for most of President Bush's time in office, the GOP's governing record has dismayed those who fantasized about what Newt Gingrich and his band of rebels might accomplish. The current crisis arrived with a sex scandal that muddied one of the party's few remaining patches of moral high ground."

I'm with MiddleGirth and the explanation by snipehack. I want a government that works for us, and wards off all these evil corporate enterprises. I don't want these large "campaign contributions". We should abolish all the lobby groups, and start from scratch, without the ability to influence government through money. They need to influence Congress the old fashioned way through action.

While at it, lets start going around the country using the "American Idol" method, and choose our next President. Screw the current method of "who has the most money wins", but a true President loved by the people and who really cares for our values. They would be given the chance to continue through the competition and then given a generous salary once President. 1 year before re-election, we go out and find another one and then see if they want someone else or the same guy again. Choosing the Vice President should fall to some other contestant in the same race.

The way it looks today, this is a fantasy, but we can hope right?

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