Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bush keeps revising war justification

"Bush keeps revising war justification..."

@LoneRanger85 I am really sorry, but I AM a true Republican conservative and NOT some wackjob neo-con. Your argument is horrible because we have now killed more civilians over there than the last regime in power. We are NOT the police of the world point in fact.

There are a LOT of bad things in this world. China does most of them, but are we putting sanctions on China? NO. If we want to be leaders among the nations, then we need to do by example. We need to stop torture, stop secret prisons, stop secret court trials, and make sure the Habeas Corpus is ALWAYS available. Even a "terrorist" should have council to at least make sure whomever labeled him as such is kept in check.

As for being the world police, I say we need to be good neighbors. If we find a country like China killing its citizens, or selling organs from inmates, or grabbing people off the street for organs, or any other horrible things then we need to stop dealing with them. We need to sanction all relations with that country until they shape up.

Governments should never be allowed to do what China, or even our current administration is doing. Our constitution should be sacrosanct. If we start fooling around with the meaning of "is" with our liberties we are screwed. wait, that is happening now.

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