Saturday, October 21, 2006

15-Year-Old Boy Gets Six Years In State Prison For Thoughtcrime

"A 15-year-old boy who prosecutors said was the mastermind of a failed plot to go on a shooting spree in a suburban school was sentenced Friday to six years in state prison. It sounds like he deserved it, right? Read on..."

Thought crime will become the new thing. Law enforcement says it is for our protection, but it is simply there to throw many more people into corporate controlled jail systems. You will see more and more prison systems getting outsourced to large corporations. It will then become a necessity to get criminals, in order to stay in business and make a profit.

There are legitimate reasons for arresting people for "conspiracy to commit" crimes, but it should be standard arrest and then goes to trial, bail, etc. A judge needs to decide what the circumstances are. We need our real justice system back.

In the case of this 15 year old, he needs serious re-education and figure out why he wanted to do these things. Just as a few other people said here teenagers dream up some pretty horrible things sometimes, think of suicide, maybe even killing people. It doesn't mean they are criminals. It simply means they are kids learning about morals, and life. Parental control foremost should decide what is going on with kids. A police and judicial system should only get involved if the social system breaks down and the kid actually becomes a criminal, by plotting something and has the where-with-all to pull something off.

I am a big proponent of second chances, especially for kids. I HATE zero-tolerance laws. We need to teach our kids that making mistakes is ok. This is how you learn.

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