Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Taliban attacks up 300% - War on Terror is a Complete Failure

"U.S. military officials tell ABC News cross-border attacks by the Taliban are up "300 percent" since President Musharraf declared a "truce" with tribal leaders in the troubled Northern Waziristan region that borders Afghanistan. U.S. military officials say militants are openly ignoring the truce's requirement that they lay down down their weapons."

The "war on terror" in the Middle East is nothing more than a chance for the United States to destabilize the region for takeover. Remember what happened to Russia when they went into Afghanistan the first time? Guess who provocoteered the war there? It was the United States and Britain. The Afghan rebellion the Mujaheddin, which are now loosely formed into what people call Al-Queda were aided by our countries CIA to make Russia get a version of the Vietnam war. The mission was an outstanding "success" since we brought an eventual end to the old Russia as we knew it.

Is this what our government plans for the Middle East? Just like there is blossoming democracy in Russia, and everyone loves the United States maybe that will happen in Iraq too. (ok, that was a joke) Wow, and while at it, North Vietnam is the luxurious democratic state we fought for and all our men died for.

Hurray to our Military, hooray to the fact that our wars over the last 50 years have been so helpful. Get a clue. We are not fighting for freedom, we are not fighting for the "American Dream". We are sending all our money directly into the war profiteers piggy banks.

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