Friday, October 20, 2006

Bush Urges Grocers To Turn Over Members' Club Card Records To NSA

""Honest, law-abiding shoppers have nothing to fear," says Bush. Yeah, right."

Heh, I have a better idea. Lets just use the new Real-ID card being issued by all our states (by 2008) in coordination with Homeland Security. This will ensure that we can go to all supermarkets and get the same discounts. With the government tracking all our purchases it makes it really easy to not only keep an exhasustive database of our habits, but give us those deep discounts and free Starbucks drink after every $100 purchase.

Wow, and better yet, the credit card companies can simply sponsor Visa and Mastercard logos on all our ID cards, help pay and offset the costs to the states. This way, we just have to carry one card all the time for everything. One card to transact with, one card to rule them all.

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