Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Dear Friends,

I want to share with you the plight of a U.S. Army LT COL who is standing for the U.S. Constitution on your behalf and who needs your support. LT COL Lakin is the highest ranking officer to refuse to obey orders without having proof that the orders are legal (based on the Constitution’s Article 2 Section 1 requirement that the president be a natural born citizen. LT COL. Lakin is refusing to violate his conscience by blindly obeying orders that he knows are based on a Commander in Chief whom neither Congress, the Judiciary, nor the Attorneys General of the States properly vetted, in other words, an illegitimate and usurping Commander in Chief – at least that’s how it looks to many of us who have followed this issue since the primary election of 2008.

And for those liberals and establishment Republicans (RINOs) who think that the “birther” movement is somehow irrelevant, I have this question –


I have the same question for the “celeb conservatives” in the media WHO PROFIT OFF RATINGS and who mock the “birther” movement, probably because it would hurt their ratings if they got behind it. A cursory reading of the Constitution will reveal that the signers of the Constitution, themselves were “birthers. Shame on any so-called conservative who won’t stand behind this clear requirement in the Constitution to be President.

Obama has spent almost $2 Million suppressing the release of a certified copy of his original birth certificate (something which every U.S. service member is required to supply), school records, thesis, visas, passports, etc.

By and large, the best citizens of this country have deep respect and honor for the members of our military. It is obvious that based on LT COL Lakin’s pending court martial, that in order for him to have a fair trial, Obama’s personal records will have to be subpoenaed. If they are not released by the Obama, then this currently serving LT COL will not have a fair trial. Let’s see if Obama really supports the troops. Its within his power to do it. He is also certainly aware of it, since he is at the top of the chain of command. Following is a copy of LT COL Lakin’s appeal to Obama:


If you have ever considered yourself someone who supports the troops, then you owe it to yourself to be familiar with this issue.

NPR, in the following article said that Obama was born in Kenya:


Here is a link to a story about a Kenyan official who states that Obama was born in Kenya:


Michelle Obama is also on record saying that Obama was born in Kenya


During the last election cycle, due to media pressure, McCain had to prove his eligibility due to the fact that he was born in the Panama Canal Zone (controlled by the U.S. at the time), to two U.S. citizens, but the media and the establishment politicians have not made this an “equal opportunity” requirement. They are giving Obama a pass. That is not right, especially when active duty service members are at risk.

Whether you are a constitutional conservative, liberal, establishment Republican or even if you have a son or daughter who may be eligible to serve in the military, you integrity and honor require you to demand that LT COL Lakin be given a fair trial. This can only happen if Obama’s records are subpoenaed. I encourage you to support this LT COL, who is personally defending the Constitution, risking everything he has on your behalf. Please read his letter to Mr. Obama.


But if honor and integrity do no compel you to support LT COL Lakin, then consider this – that if Obama is revealed to be the usurper that he apparently is, then much of the destruction that he has wrought on our very form of government may be overturned as being illegitimate.

In Liberty,

John L Wadsworth
District 5 Chairman
Contra Costa County Republican Central Committee

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