Friday, April 30, 2010

We are all drug dealers now

Lets not kid ourselves people, we are all drug dealers now. When the media and military are complicit with opium drug trafficking, and the CIA ships in the drugs, then what I want to know is "Where is my cut"?

Geraldo is sitting over there in Afghanistan doing a really difficult impersonation of a reporter and trying to convince us that our troops, the men and women who die for us, are guarding the poppy fields "for our protection". Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket, without opium production the security of Afghanistan would fall, and terrorism would increase.

Attached here is a document I compiled and created which goes over the history of drugs and drug trafficking. Pay close attention to the Opium and Marijuana articles. Personally, hemp and Marijuana are just herbs and should not have criminal stigmas associated with them. Marijuana was originally banned because of the Dupont Nylon and chemical cartel.

In this video they talk about how "Opium is a part of the society" and how "We can't disrupt their local traditions". Come on, sharia law is a part of their local culture too, and we get all hot and bothered about that one. What, we are going to start picking and choosing what parts of foreign societies we choose to like and dislike? Perhaps we should just get ourselves out of these foreign policy nightmares and nation building.

Drug Quick Historical Context v1

More news to come soon, but I want to publish this now...

Daily Paul article, with some Opium stats.


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