Monday, April 05, 2010

Obama's Private Army enforcement of biometric national identification number

Dear Friends,

I suggest you watch the following you-tube video:

More blatantly unconstitutional abuses of power… an army (starting at 6,000) that is accountable only to Obama, and which circumvents the governors of the “several states”, and which receives funding well beyond the constitutional appropriations requirement of every two years. This was contained in two pages of the 2,700 pages the bill. There isn’t a democrat or republican who read the entire bill. No, it wasn’t a transparent process, and no it wasn’t debated on C-Cpan as the usurper Obama promised. Obama lied. Language in the bill suggests that this army would be used in a national crisis, and pardon me, but now I have to ask “what kind of crisis might these folks gin up so they could fulfill their stated goals of hope and change?”. And, for what purpose would a military wing be needed for use on our own soil that has anything to do with health care?

I wonder if this “army” will be used to enforce the national id card (Page 58 of the bill) which may be biometrically applied to the human hand. After all, under the mandatory health plan, you must be properly identified…IT’S THE LAW. Will the i.d. requirement on page 58 be combined with the Schumer/Graham proposal of a biometric, fraud-proof national i.d? In my opinion, look in the near future for Obama’s special enforcement apparatchiks to enforce a new i.d. on you. Is this the hope and change you voted for? Maybe not, but this is what happens when an entire nation rejects God and develops a mainstream pop-culture that calls evil good and good evil. The law of sowing and reaping has not been repealed and God is still on the throne.

WORSHIP THE ONE TRUE LIVING GOD, NOT GOV! I reject Obama. I reject his law, and I reject his usurping government.

Even the Europeans are warning us of an emergent communism (notice I didn’t say socialism) on our own soil.

Read this article from The European Union Times:

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