Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Dear Friends,

I encourage you to watch this video of Alan Keyes exposing Obama as not only a usurper, but also a communist.

Alan Keyes is a principled Christian and a true hero for his efforts at protecting the unborn.

As Obama has said, we are witnessing the “fundamental transformation” of America. This transformation is going to involve a weakening and then destruction of our nation so the communist elites can rebuild it in a form that they can more easily control. In fact, this may even involve the disarming of America (read the paper, watch the news, see what the usurper is doing with our nuclear arsenal), so that we can be invaded, much like the Trojan Horse setup, only Obama is the Trojan Horse installed by George Soros, and Chinese communists. We are living in a period of calm before a brewing storm.

Obama’s union allies have already stated that they intend to infiltrate the Tea Party movement and stage incidents that incite violence
. When this happens, much like the “Reichstag Fire”, which Hitler staged, it will allow Obama to declare martial law and postpone elections. In Hitler’s case, it also allowed him to eliminate the positions of Chancellor and President and instead fundamentally transform the government into a dictatorship with one “Leader”. This, or something like it is predictable to anyone who has studied the architecture of tyrannical uprisings. And, we don’t have to guess who the folks are that are running the Obama administration. They are known by their words, their deeds, and the associations they freely make.

Read the following article entitled “Special Army Unit Ready to be Deployed on American Soil Just Before Nov. Elections:

As someone who travelled widely in the pre-1989 communist world of the Eastern Bloc, I always wondered how the citizens of these once-great Christian nations could allow a dictatorship to arise and oppress them. Ultimately, it is due to slothfulness, cowardice, the abandonment of God, and indifference. I am hoping for better things in the preservation of our own Republic.

John L Wadsworth

District 5 Chairman, Contra Costa Central Republican Committee

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