Monday, March 05, 2007

ACLU sues Bush administration over removal of Activists; Bouncers on Trial

"The ACLU has looked into whether there was a pattern of illegally preventing critics from speaking at Bush public forums."

"Free Speech Zones" were actually started in force by Clinton. Bush simply took it to a new level. Now keep in mind this is the Secret Service under orders from the Executive Branch, but still the same thing. I have done a fair amount of research into this, and it seems that any level of dissent whether signage, t-shirts, or speech has been banned into free speech zones are altogether removed from appearances by any Executive Branch and for that matter current administration events. So you basically have tons of "Bush lovers" waving fake Chinese-made flags praising Bush all the time, as being reported by the media.

Is this Bush doing this? Probably not, it is the same NWO and fascist leaders who run this country. Keep in mind that the Bush family is so disconnected with the American people that I doubt they would understand dissent if someone presented it to their faces. The corporate lobby groups, and Neo-conservative leaders in power seem to do a great job of shielding our president and many parts of this government from looking upon reality. All you need is some very targeted prompting to the secret service from them to spring into action and remove "troublemakers" or "possibly security threats" from the crowd.

What we need is for tons of American citizens who feel strongly about the problems this country is facing to show up at rallies and any Bush cabinet member event. This includes Cheney, Bush, DOD, and congressional events. Show up with Bush supporting signs, and Bush supporting t-shirts. Then all you do is put your real sign and t-shirt underneath. Once Bush, Cheney or whomever show up and are in direct line of sight, everyone pull off the fake signs, and remove your fake t-shirts to expose the real message. By using perfectly legal subversion we should be able to show them what are message is.

Plus, it doesn't give time for the Secret Service or anyone, including the press to react fast enough. Each of these events will make the front page and nightly news.

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Anonymous said...

The leaders fumble, flub befuddled,
Pretending to compassion,
But O their words are not so muddled
But take a different fashion
When it comes down to punishment,
Vituperative anger sent and spent.

"Compassionate conservatives"
Contented with pretending
Lack the coherence--nothing gives
Their words, so busy fending
Ideological affronts,
More credence than mere stutters, stunts.

They hardly give a damn for you
And what you suffer, hope,
But study you, and what you do
As with a microscope
To understand, as by nuances
What semblances lead to responses!

You go and cast your vote for them,
Feeling so good inside,
Not worthy of the garment´s hem
While you your straws divide:
Alas the love of fellow man
Within you dies, nor Jesus can
Make you become Samaritan
Or even egalitarian.