Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Chavez: "CIA Out to Kill Me"

"President Hugo Chavez on Sunday said he believes enemies including the CIA are out to kill him, and called U.S. diplomat John Negroponte a 'professional killer.'"

Cheney's five big goals getting into office was to 1) Invade Afghanistan 2) Invade Iraq 3) Invade Iran with nukes 4) Kill Chavez take over country with a puppet government 5) Use above reasons to block oil production, run up prices and make tons of contractor investments in middle east (primarily in Iran). Just read PNAC documents and neo-con agendas for proof. Its all laid out and has been executed throughout the last 6 years. Paul Wolfowitz in now head of World Bank, neo-con leaders are being replaced in all factes of the government by executive order.

Maybe this Libby thing will put a perspective on everything.

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