Wednesday, March 21, 2007

14 year old Texas girl gets 7 years in prison for shoving Hall Monitor.

"In Texas, a white teenager burns down her family's home and receives probation. A black one shoves a hall monitor and gets 7 years in prison. The youth had no prior arrest record, and the hall monitor--a 58-year-old teacher's aide--was not seriously injured. But Shaquanda was tried in March 2006 in the town's juvenile court, convicted of assault."

This is a statement on our schools, not racism. Any little infraction is now considered a felony. They want to get everyone in the system, and better yet NOT have to deal with these kids again.

If you glide through school accepting ALL forms of conditioning and brainwashing, you might, just maybe survive the experience. Of course you will be scarred for life with no real hope of understanding the true society as a whole. You will only see things from the establishment viewpoint.

I would look into whether this school prescribes to a zero-tolerance policy or not. If they do, you should take your kids out immediately and have them transferred to a school which does not have one. Kids will be kids, and we MUST train them to be civil.

A 14 year old "pushing" anyone would be considered bad behavior and should be written up as such. It would be the parents responsibility to correct such action. If this girl continues to be aggressive, then you take more appropriate action, but NEVER jail. Jail is for hardened criminals who cannot be simply rehabilitated using normal society methods.

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Unknown said...

you started out your comment by saying that the problem is with the school system,not racism.Well,who do you think makes up the school system if not people?I am assuming that you are black.....;if you are not,it does not matter.You and a lot of Blacks have allowed the white owned media to get into your head and convince you that it's unfashionable to use the word racist and,you have fallen for the hokey-doke.There are 5 young black men right now fighting for their lives in Jena,Louisiana...A racist incident got out of control and escalated into fights between Black and white kids.The racist system (made up of racist people)have charged the 5 black students with attempted murder for beating up a white student who by the way,was able to attend a party the same night of the fight.Go on fooling yourself that racism is not the cause but,please in the future,keep your stupid opinion to yourself.That goes for you and all the others who are living in denial of the obvious........RACISM IS ALIVE AND WELL.

rhawk301.blogger said...

How funny, you know nothing. I am not black, but have a mind. Racism is alive and well, but only because we allow it to be. The media continually reminds us of racism, and that only adds to the fire.

If everyone just treated each other equally, and forgot about racism we would be better off.

In America we need to attend to the Constitution and make this country great again. Will there be bumps, of course, but we need to first get the country back on track. The framers did leave out equality from the original draft, but we finally got around to aboloshing slavery. Lets make good testament to that.