Friday, February 23, 2007

Ron Paul 0wnz the Federal Reserve - Video

Rep. Ron Paul breaks it down for Ben "Helicopter" Bernake on the Federal Reserve and how it harms Americans financially and enriches the banking elite.

I am glad everyone likes the clip. I was scanning through my episodes on C-SPAN and found this gem the other day. I am so glad I tape these hearings on Tivo, they really pay off from time to time. I did post a much longer segment which includes Barney Frank's comments, Ron Paul of course, and several other committee members, before Bernanke speaks. However, Google Video decided that C-SPAN was copyrighted and whacked my upload. I am contacting C-SPAN for clarification on copyright for speeches from the floor.

I think that programs like Washington Journal, etc should be copy protected, but House and Senate hearings/speeches?


I got this up on concen as a torrent

This is Ron Paul from the House Finance Committee Floor.

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