Saturday, February 10, 2007

You may never have to pay income tax again--if Ed Brown can get to court

"The continuing story of Ed Brown, the New Hampshire man who asserts Americans don't have to pay income tax and can use the tax code to prove it. With enough support, Ed may get his day in court--and that's precisely what scares the IRS. Digg this up, make some noise, and let's see what one stubborn person can do!!"

Police enforcement is handled by the city you are in, not the Federal government. The Constitution allows for a tax on incomes derived. If you look at the actual tax code it means income and profit from a business. So yes, if you have a business you must pay taxes on profit and income (gains and profits). However, on actual labor there is no law stating you must pay an income tax, in fact taxes are supposed to be on gains and profits only.

We have been paying taxes for so long, I don't think most people really understand what it is all about. It basically has given the big banking cartel called the Federal Reserve (yes they are private banks) enough money to do us in. The United States no longer uses Income taxes to pay for any services, it simply pays off our national debt (basically interest on it). If we stopped paying income tax we would have to absolve all debt back to the Federal Reserve and shut it down. Yes, there would be some pandemonium for a while, but we would get over it.

We need to get rid of the central banking cartel of which the Federal Reserve banks belong, the IMF and the WTO. They are just causing pain and suffering throughout the world in the form of tax credits, trade credits, and fake loans.

Wake up and watch Freedom to Fascism. It doesn't answer all questions, but it makes you think and do research for yourself. Keep in mind that the Federal government can tax you on gains and profits for ANY source derived. Direct labor is NOT taxable, only gains and profits from things like property, gifts, business profit, investments, etc. So, yes, you perhaps need to file a tax form with the federal government if you have income stated as the above. You DO NOT have to file a 1040 if all you do is labor for your money. Also keep in mind that state and local taxes are still applicable.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that if your propeety is used for profit pay taxes on the profit. Why invest in a home if you never own it.