Monday, July 31, 2006

When do terrorists warn civilians?

"When do terrorists warn civilians?"

Israel warns the citizens in question about getting bombed, and then when they are fleeing for their lives, they are bombed in the roads. It has also been reported that prior to these warning leaflets the bridges out of town were destroyed which means they cannot actually escape using any normal means. Look, I am not for what is happening either from the Israeli side, or the Lebanese side, I think they are both wrong. I just don't think that Israel should be held up as some holier-than-thou aggressor in this case.

We should be decrying BOTH sides in this conflict, and get them to stop. We may not have a long-term peace in the Middle East, but at least lets have some kind of rationale in the short term. The Lebanese people and culture are getting complete decimated. I believe Israel simply wants genocide in this case. If all Lebanese people were killed, and nothing was left of their country, Israel could just walk in and take it for themselves.

Personally, I would just like to see everyone get along. I know that is not going to happen. Unfortunately, in this case, it is probably going to be a "who is stronger" battle, and the strongest will win. As a world audience I feel we should simply referee the battle and make sure they don't screw up the world in the meantime. Don't use nuclear material, DU, etc, and don't pollute the water. Other than that, they will probably keep fighting regardless.

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