Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cato: Paramilitary Raids on U.S. Homes More Frequent

WASHINGTON -- The last 25 years have seen a 1,300 percent increase in the number of paramilitary raids on American homes. The vast majority of these are to serve routine drug warrants, including for offenses as trivial as marijuana possession, according to a just-released study by the Cato Institute.

I am not sure if everyone gets the point here. The government increase in military-style raids serves two purposes only; 1. To condition the population via fear 2. To offer an explanation for storming into someone’s house with or without a warrant, but once there, they can "find" anything they want.

It is getting much more standard for them to "classify" the search warrant at a FISA court which means you don't even get to see the warrant of what they were searching for. They only need to justify what they "found" at the time of the raid. They can use this excuse time and time again, for any infraction of the law. They can certainly use this for people who have "subversive" things to say about our government also.

You name the possible laws which can be broken in the future, and they can search your home and seize your property over them. Are you thinking bad thoughts, did you say something which someone thought was subversive of God forbid hate speech? In todays society, even a 1 hour photo clerk has the ability to call you into the police on any sort of complaint which they may “believe” something nefarious is going on in your film.

Totally insane. Where will it stop? I want my liberty back.

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