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An Open Letter to Arundhati Roy and all the free people of the Earth

July 9, 2006

An Open Letter to Arundhati Roy
and all the free people of the Earth,
rhawk301 (at)

The United States has been given a black mark in the world court because of our foreign policy and ideologies. I am writing here today to make sure you understand the free people of the United States of America also have the same thoughts and regards that you have. For the most part we are peace loving, and respectable people. We love our children, and want to see them grow up and do great things.

In as much as the ruling class of the USA perpetuates a state of fear, more than 60% of the citizens just want peace. Unfortunately peace can never be achieved when the military industrial complex runs this country. Peace can never be achieved when the national banks are tied in with the World banks. Peace can never be achieved when the United States ruling class is actually a part of the globalist elite. How does your country fit in here?

Global commerce itself is not the cause, but the people who take advantage and exploit the many streams of money manipulation are to blame. The United States is built on the foundation of “We the People” and “for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. I imagine some believe that having power and money constitutes happiness. However, by taking someone else’s happiness and exploiting it to your own selfish ends defeats all that we want as a nation.

I am writing this letter today in response to Arundhati’s most eloquent speech “Come September” at the Lannan Foundation in 2002. Within the last year I have pressed myself to understand more of what is going on in the world, and not just sit back and be a lazy American, for that is what I was. My awakening will not happen overnight, but I will no longer sit back and let this country fail without a fight. I hope you understand that we do not agree with most of our foreign policy. We do not enjoy coming into your homes and destroying them. We do not take pride in killing you, and your countrymen. We do not have the blood-thirsty need for power and malicious goals of which our CIA and White House do.

You see, the largest obstacle United States Citizens have is the fact that we have grown accustom to our luxury and well being. Yes, there are poor in this country, but for the most part things are worth living for over here, we get to own land, our supermarkets are full all the time, and with few exceptions, we are left alone. We don’t have bombs going off in our country, busses don’t get hijacked, we have lots of space to move around, we can travel throughout the whole country with barely any notice, and up until the last 10 years we didn’t live in a complete police state. Life has been really good. We escaped England and all parts of the world to get away from all of that which was bad. We made a life for ourselves, worked really hard at it, and then handed our rule over to a bunch of Empire building despots. How that happened is yet another story I am not capable of describing here.

Throughout the last 50 years the world banking system and corporations have found that by manipulating the population and careful marketing, they can get away with nearly anything. Corporate greed in America is so vast, that it may be an impossibility to reverse it. The worst corporate greed is seen when our government freely allows lobbyists of any size to manipulate our representatives with legal bribery. We see contracts being given to Halliburton, money manipulation and stock hedging by the Carlyle Group, and Big Oil racketeering by the very people who are supposed to be leading this country. The whole Washington DC hand-shake is becoming a real big burden on the American tax payers.

We need YOUR help. Our country is hemorrhaging from within, and it will not sit will with the world if that happens. Even though our country has problems, it will not come down without taking others with it. Therefore, we need to get back on track and fix the problems in place. We need to start following our own Constitution instead of torching it at every turn. We need to understand what our fore-fathers meant, and read how our country was formed. I personally need to read more history and start flipping the pages of a many government documents.

Most of all we need your prayers, and support. Please understand that it will take time to remove these burdensome cancers from our society. We may limp along until that happens, but rest assured the American people will not sit back in their arm chairs drinking beer, and watching TV for too much longer. It will become evident something has to be done, and retribution will be swift and just. We will get back on track, and make sure the world is our ally and trusted confidant.

We must make a revolution happen throughout the world. The United States is not the only country in which evil empires exist, nor is it the only home ground for power hungry Corporations. If you feel empowered to do something about the state of the world, please find a way locally to change things. Read books, news, and support your local government. You should show up at council meetings, volunteer at your local political party office, find others who share your goals, and write about your experiences. Possibly together we can find a way to take back our world, and build a future together.


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