Friday, July 28, 2006

It's all about oil

"If this war was taking a bite out of Exxon or the House of Saud, a ceasefire would have been imposed."

The big oil companies ensure this war will never end. Did you read the Digg and news articles on the electric, hh20 (yes that's spelled right), and hybrid cars? They were just a "fad" to the car industry and no serious effort has been put towards production and distribution. As long as Exxon has the capacity to make over $23 billion PROFIT on oil each quarter (yes that's right boys and girls) they will continue to do it. They are so happy they can post these huge profits and give good news to their investors. I am all for making a profit, but it comes by false claims of hardship and high oil prices. If things were so bad for the oil companies, then they wouldn't be making that much profit, they would be in the same bad conditions we were in, just getting by and complaining things need to get better. If they increase production, or find better ways to cut costs on extracting gas and oil, then we should see better prices at the pumps.

If oil companies are spending a ton on R&D to better extract oil and refine gasoline then we may see the gas prices going up. But that would cut into their profits. Once again, there is a reason they are making such huge profits and we should investigate why.

Its a load of camel dung when we get raped at the gas pumps in order for Exxon to post such huge profits. Where do people think that money comes from. A fair price for a fair product. In this case it is a mandatory product drilled into us by the car companies, and it is no longer fair.

I am all for free markets and freedom of choice, but something is drastically wrong when I pay $50-$75 dollars a tank, and then read about Exxon posting $23 billion dollars this last quarter. I buy Safeway gas, but I am not sure where that comes from. The bottom line is that profit is good, but needs to get checked on how the profit is being made. Just exactly how high will gas prices get? Its obvious the oil companies are not having a tough time getting oil, or even that oil is scarce. They are certainly made a good job at making a profit. How about passing on those savings to us instead of lining your company'’s coffers with inflated figures?

Stop buying oil stock shares. Buy shares in electric and HH2O cars. Maybe if everyone starts investing in something else, big oil will take notice..Wait; they already killed these industries, darn.

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