Friday, July 03, 2020

Who told us to hate?

Who told us a sign was a hate symbol?
Where did we see it the first time?
Is this happening everywhere?
Is there a systemic uncontrolled hate ideology?

We certainly know that some words make our hair raise.
There are power words which escalate situations.
There are words that calm us.
What do you see daily?

Do you login to social media and check in on what national news happened 20 min ago? Or maybe less than that?

Is there a daily news outlet that you check into which assigns the stories which shape your thought process?

Or do we all have one on one associations and meet people daily and just get a hate filled experience that makes us seriously consider just going back home?

For me and I suspect most of us, we have regular experiences and community reactions in our day. Maybe not all of them loving, but Also not this pervasive hate filled atmosphere. I know when I go outside people are more than happy to help you, talk And interact because they also want to finish their tasks and move on. In general most people's lives get them through the next day.

Until someone has a bad day that is.

But do we judge our selves, our community or our country by the bad days or the good ones? 

Do we assign ourselves pain and guilt for others, or are we actually being harmed?

Of course we should feel, we should listen And understand. But outside our social circle how do we assign these feelings other than stories?

Do we really have the whole story, the whole history of a situation? Or just a sound byte transmitted over news or social media posts at 166 characters.

Facebook and Twitter were designed to assign you emotions based on dopamine recepters specifically targeting our pleasure centers. News outlets have been programming us with assignments of feelings in order to keep you around through the advertising cycle. The websites and online news keep you around to see the ads.

So where do you get your thoughts assigned? Just ponder a moment and assess your input stream of consciousness.

Has anyone waited 1… 2 ... 5 ... or 5 days to read or digest what is happening out there? Anyone subscribe to the Sunday paper and read the news of the week And see how it actually trended and worked out?

I offer a simple idea that we are so overloaded with information that our flight or flight responses are being manipulated.

For those in a war zone those responses are real based on their reality.

For those of us in a big city you have a reality based in a complex and fluid reality.

In rural our suburbs you have a more relaxed reality.

How about if you live on a farm with acres of land around you? What is your life then? Does social media really matter?

How do you assign thought and reality to yourself?

How should we deal with historical artifacts, statutues that tell us where we are?

What is Marxism?
Why are the BLM founders and organizer trained Marxists? Who trained them and for what reason?

Was Occupy Wall Street an attempt to bring down the country as well?

Maybe we should look at what we have here and what we share in America and seriously consider just how priveleged we are.

If we have to fight and rumble over statues and CHAD autonomous zones over social media then we have come a long way. We have built something pretty wonderous so let's get back to how great our lives are and not what kind of victims we are.

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