Friday, July 03, 2020

For the record. pretty much nobody was raised this way.

You might want to read up on the trash being said about white people. I wasn't raised this way. Who was?

Racism indeed is learned. From my perspective it's being learned by kids in school and college not by their parents. Most Americans are taught to work hard. Some are taught to be victims. Others are taught to worship the government and take handout money.

Megan Clark:owl:  9:02 PM

From White Fragility:

“My psychosocial development was inculcated in a white supremacist culture in which I am in the superior group. Telling me to treat everyone the same is not enough to override this socialization; nor is it humanly possible. I was raised in a society that taught me that there was no loss in the absence of people of color—that their absence was a good and desirable thing to be sought and maintained—while simultaneously denying that fact. This attitude has shaped every aspect of my self-identity: my interests and investments, what I care about or don’t care about, what I see or don’t see, what I am drawn to and what I am repelled by, what I can take for granted, where I can go, how others respond to me, and what I can ignore. Most of us would not choose to be socialized into racism and white supremacy. Unfortunately, we didn’t have that choice. While there is variation in how these messages are conveyed and how much we internalize them, nothing could have exempted us from these messages completely. Now it is our responsibility to grapple with how this socialization manifests itself in our daily lives and how it shapes our responses when it is challenged.”

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