Friday, July 03, 2020

Shit seems to still happen blog

Just how on earth do we make it through the day knowing people die, women get assaulted and general dasterdly shit goes on in this world?

Maybe, just maybe we need to be adults and understand that Jesus saves but life sucks. We go onward, we raise awareness but let's take responsibility for our part of the world.

Do we blame an organization? Who do we hold responsible? How about the people who cimitted the atyrocities in the first place? It seems the military, cirporations, police departments and governments are all responsible for what? Being too damn big to hold accountBle.

How about all the CEOs that retired from companies at the beginning of 2020?

How about the too big to fail banks?

How about those large Liberal cities And government who blame their problems on everyone else except themsevlezs.

How about Congress insists our problems stem from the other political party and not thier own?

I can boil this all down to personal responsibility because when the hard stuff to understand happens we just want to blame someone else.

So you want to pass a new bill through Congress for protection? From what? Human nature? Someone killed your daughter, you hold the individual accountable but now you want more? How about checking how strong organization are that already defend our rights in Washington.

Missing and Exploited Children Foundation was created when a young boy was abducted and killed. America's Most Wanted tv show came out of that same tragedy.

The Polly Klaas Foundation came out of a horrible tragedy when a young girl was abducted and murdered.

So many organizations start because of grief. But ultimately what do they accomplish? I see a lot of good in the foundations I just mentioned 

But how about BLM or Black Lives Matter? This was founded from Marxists organizers starting riots throughout America with massive funding to tear apart the country using false and misleading information on the details of the aleged misdeeds.

If you protest make sure you do your homework. Make sure what you are protesting has some foundation.

I protested the big banks and the Federal Reserve since 2008. I did research. Occupy Wall Street came out of a movement to bring some sanity to the too big too fail companies. Those same companies called Essential Business today.

Occupy started with said research and had a lot of foundation. But when the Marxists took over they destroyed the movement and it devolved into something like what CHAz was. Everybody ignored it then.

When the Marxists come in they only want to foment a color revolution against class races or the worker and the boss. They don't seem to care for a true revolution like what Ron Paul started 

So beware of organized protests of the trained protestors with perfectly made protest signs and buckets of rocks on every other cor Dr that magically show up in the morning.

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