Friday, January 15, 2010


Dear Friends,

Let me just state the obvious. The party is over.
Whether the White House administration and the mainstream media are ready to admit it or not, our economy is about to collapse. The White House is doing damage control and taking every step to counter the coming civil unrest WHEN this occurs. The mainstream media is providing cover for White House maneuvering.

Obama’s solution to the present crisis – raise more taxes. Predictably, this will only accelerate bankruptcies and foreclosures. Revenues to government will actually decrease. Its clear that He is working for the Chinese communists, who have also become banking elites and a financial superpower unbeknownst to most Americans.

Let me speak in ordinary consumer terms…
We, the United States have been refinancing our debt with more and more short-term debt, just to make our minimum credit card payment. and

We have borrowed from the Chinese. The Chinese are about to foreclose on us. What would it look like if the Chinese foreclosed on the U.S.? Well…in consumer terms, it would be like the bank coming in and taking control of your house, right? That is exactly what is happening. The Chinese have been giving orders to Washington to staff the administration with Maoists, to take over industries so that the borrower (U.S. government) can pass assets (newly obtained influence in government and private companies) to the lender (the Chinese). Yes, China is in the process of foreclosing on the United States. All the financial shuffling will be obfuscated with media b.s. and a slick democrat propaganda campaign, but that is exactly what is happening.

America cannot take out any more short term loans to service interest or cover prior short-term maturities. The party is over.

What you do with this information will determine how you survive in the coming times. You might think I’m crazy for going out on a limb and saying this. Well, that’s ok. I’m simply stating the obvious.

China is foreclosing, and that means that they are pulling strings that greatly affect our national security. They are also the leading superpower country that is energetically building offensive weapons to attack us. This should be a concern, but don’t expect the government to warn you. This will first manifest in their increased naval capabilities, and our reduction in naval advantage. Our government is already working for them and their cause of global communism. A blind man should be able to see this. Count the Maoists in the White House administration.

America has become like an old familiar restaurant that is under new management. Picture the restaurant that you have visited for many years. One day you begin to notice new managers and cooks, but the waiters and waitresses are the same. So you ask, are you under new management? The answer comes back, oh, yes, but we didn’t announce it because we didn’t want to affect business.

The Chinese have beat us at economic warfare, and most Americans don’t even know we have been at war

They are in a position now to actually choose the time of the collapse, which they won’t do until the looting is complete. They are constantly attacking us with cyber warfare, ( and now you can expect to see their military grow at an unprecedented rate and scope (after having effectively neutralized us through the influence they have due to the above mentioned foreclosure process) , because this is the time they have been waiting for. You can also look for the U.S. to willingly subjugate us more and more to the U.N. (Chinese control).

Much more needs to be said, but that’s all for now.

Please consider what you may do today to preserve our liberties.

In Liberty,


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