Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Executive Order

Dear Friends,

This (attached) executive order was signed two days ago by Obama. You have probably heard of it by now. This is dangerous and also unprecedented. Please refer especially to Section 2:d. Synchronization is one thing, integration a completely different thing and altogether unconstitutional.

This is the type of executive order one would sign before suspending the privilege of habeus corpus and enacting what is referred to as martial law. So it’ll be legal now(martial law, that is), right??? WRONG. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and it disallows United States military intervention in the Several States. (PLEASE read the Constitution).

Please give this the widest circulation, and more importantly take some time and read the Constitution. It is the compact that exists between “we the people” and the government we have created to be our agents.

Look at the progression of the Obama administration’s seizure and consolidation of power since January:

Taking over insurance companies (and by taking over, I mean top-down control by the government and deprivatization)

Taking over auto industries

Taking over banks

Taking over health care (assuming the power of life and death)

Obama asks for sole discretionary power to shut down the internet

Obama becomes chairmen of the U.N. Security Council (forbidden by the Constitution)

Allowing Interpol to supersede our own Constitution and subjugating U.S. law enforcement to them (unprecedented in U.S. history, but this also happened several weeks ago)

Now this executive order which has the appearance of destroying posse commitatus

Additionally, many of Obama’s 30+ czars are self-professed Maoists. Can you see how deep the Chinese influence is reaching into our government? It is true that the “borrower becomes servant to the lender” as it says in the Bible, but just look at how deep and insidious this servitude goes. Many have already caught on that the banksters put Obama in power, but please consider the designs of Maoism, and their stated goal of global communism. The statist architects of this new revolution are brought to us from China and our government is already being reformed into conformity with the stated goals of the communist manifesto.

Normally, the anatomy of a communist revolution (and we have many to study, right?) is as follows: 1. Bloody takeover of existing government, 2. Restructuring of government via deprivatization, 3. Blood purges.

In this case, America is so apathetic that it does not even recognize that the socialists have not even needed the first step. Its logical to me that the 2nd step is well underway, and that the third one (which is a constant in any communist takeover) is coming. That is exactly why watchdogs SHOULD be alarmed when they read an executive order such as the one attached in this email. How many of the governors will have the guts to just say “NUTS” or “pound sand” Obama? We won’t go along with it.

Much more could be said about this, but I am out of time for writing this email.

In liberty,


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