Friday, January 15, 2010

Playing the TEA party race card

by We Are Change San Francisco

It seems that opposing our president and the policies of the big banking cartels means we are racists, or even worse. A new film has emerged which directly links and portrays TEA party patriots, anti-immigration and anti-government activists as neo-Nazi's.

The film was created by film makers Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen. They make a bunch of liberal and leftist style films, but that definition simply puts them in a box. I believe this rhetoric now portrayed goes much further down that hate tunnel.

Note: The miniscule racist and white supremacist movement is a creation of the FBI as evidenced by the revelations of the racist Hal Turner, who worked with the FBI as a “national security intelligence” asset. The DHS report demonizing constitutionalists and advocates of the Second Amendment was heavily influenced by the ADL and SPLC, two organizations that have made a cottage industry out of peddling the bogus white supremacist threat and linking it to Alex Jones and other patriots. The following documentary compliments efforts by the corporate media in the United States to discredit Libertarians and the Tea Party movement.

The following video not only calls out TEA party goers as white supremacists, but directly links images with neo-Nazi rallies in a true propaganda style way.

Images of the following organizations are directly placed in a stream of white supremest websites and rallies:

Lou Dobbs is also targeted directly, because he has been so outspoken on immigration and the SPP.

The infamous Rightwing Extremism document, which is prominently mentioned in this film, from Homeland Security should be enough evidence there are forces afoot simply trying to discredit and discourage liberty-minded crowds. The film also says that TEA parties are mostly a white persons creation and that black people simply don't get involved that much. This angers me and many others, because it simply isn't true.

The fact that this film dramatically fades back and forth and has high-end graphics depicting neo-Nazi groups alongside TEA party groups and anti-immigration groups is extremely disturbing. Somebody is scared, somewhere. They don't like the fact just regular Americans are getting fed up with the policies being presented to us. It is the newest but shocking example of what some clueless seemingly liberal elements of the media will do to discredit those of us attempting to shine a light on Washington. President Obama, as depicted by the Obama Joker posters, has spent more money than every president before him and has accepted the largest donations from bankers in Wall Street. We should all be asking questions of our government and stop this petty bickering. Obama isn't hated because he is black, its because he is a puppet for the new world order and world wide banking cartels. I fear it has gone more than petty at this point and they are bringing on a wave of hate orientated media to silence people.

Don't ever give in to this nonsense. Fight back by ignoring these childish actions of "you're a racist" and show them love. Everything is OK. Don't question your government. Go back to your sports game and diet soda.

The bar has been raised, the gauntlet thrown down, what will you do? We are the only real change this country has, not some group of wanna-be sheep following a Marxist president.

Now featured on as
Al Jazeera Documentary Links Tea Party Movement to White Supremacists


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is known for bringing race into any issue in order to divert attention from the real issues. SPLC is clearly a government front group to control the masses and should be ignored.

and guess what? It just happens that Chip Berlet who is prominently featured in this film writes for the SPLC. Move along, there isn't anything interesting to see here.

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