Thursday, February 18, 2010

Martial law/unrest update

Hey guys, this is forwarded to me from an anonymous source. If you don’t know about Northcom, you are way behind the times, and you need to find out on your own. You need to do your own research and come to your own conclusions on what this email contains. I CAN tell you this…that based on who Obama knows and chooses for his close associations, he is a communist – NOT just a benign European-style socialist.


Forwarded message follows:

Remember the guy Steve knew that was traveling to Russia to discuss the letter Janet Nappie sent to the Russians in Sep (I think) requesting they provide troops for 'civil unrest' here? Here is a recent update. The Russians have shown him satellite photos of the equipment staging areas. He raises a key point that we will watch regarding a split in the military (encouraging for the plan mentioned above). This is a very decisive window of time for our future. If the Oathkeepers can hold the line, the rest of America will NEVER see the full endgame. We pray they will not breach our line--a line held through honor, integrity and no force but compassion.

New Info from the Moscow Visit

February 16, 2010

Latest Update from my source in Moscow.

Where Do I Start.

Today is Tuesday February 16, 2010 and I spent most of the morning in a briefing room of the Russian SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service) while I am sure most of you have heard of the old KGB, that was replaced with the FSB (kind of like our FBI but far more sinister) who’s responsibility is for the internal security of the Russian Federation. The SVR is more like our CIA with little to no responsibility inside of the borders of Russia. While their satellite capabilities are not up to the sophistication of our latest generation they are as good as our KH-9’s and very possibly the KH-11’s which means they can read the fine print on your driver’s license from low Earth orbit. What they lack in satellite imagery they more than make up for with on the ground intelligence capabilities, I was shown images which were taken with extremely high resolution cameras from aircraft which were no higher than 8,000’ AGL (above ground level) and less than 10 miles away from the area being imaged.

I was asked not to reveal anything that might compromise Russian intelligence sources and I will honor my promise, what I can tell you is that the build up of Military vehicles is extensive, over 1000 armored HUMVEES with an array of mounted weapons, .30cal and .50cal machine guns and what looked like the latest generation of sound and microwave projection antennas. Over 150 Stryker’s with 25mm auto cannons and .30cal machine guns as well as what I was told were 150 command and control vehicles, over 350 M2/M3 Bradley’s and at least 100 Abrams Main Battle tanks. Additionally there were numerous M809 6x6 transports which I was told appeared to be fully loaded (they said you could tell from the height, I will take their word for it). Everything was sitting on rail cars ready to go, but some of the equipment has been sitting for some time, snow, ice and dirt was built up both the equipment and around the rail car wheels. In several of the wide angle images you could see barricades and armed guards stationed as well as what looked like mobile and walking patrols.

While most of the images were in and around the USNORTHCOM facilities in Colorado, similar trains were stationed at Edwards AFB in California, Fairchild AFB in Washington, Atlanta, near Chicago, St. Paul, between Dallas and Austin, Knoxville and Quantico Virginia. The numbers were mind numbing.

I asked if they had any information regarding the removal of armored vehicles from National Guard and Reserve Armories. After which there was a flurry of telephone calls and about 30 minutes later the answer was more disturbing than you might imagine, their information says the armories have been gutted not only of their armor but their weapons and most of their ammo. What they have not seen is any large scale troop movements, there has been a “realignment” of transport aircraft to unusual locations within the U.S. and while on the surface this is not significant the transport aircraft are stationed near where the vehicles are being kept on the railcars. Several notable issues were brought to my attention, no unusual personal or equipment is stationed near Marine and Navel bases which leads one to speculate about a division within the military about who will and might not follow an illegal order (my speculation).

The Russians are “concerned” because in their opinion things are “looking more and more ominous”, the transport aircraft movements and Military vehicle readiness is foreboding to say the least and while they seemed genuine in their concern I am sure there is more to be said but it was not my place to inquire further.

I was warned not to return home via “normal” routes as there are agencies which are very interested in “spending some time with me”. As a precaution I have removed and disposed of the hard drive in my laptop and I will be making my way home by a longer but more difficult to track route. I will most likely need to sneak back into my own country.


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