Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glenn Beck and The Truth about 911 Truthers

by Thurston Bell

Since Mr. Beck's recent slanderous attack of a Freedom and Liberty candidate and trying to pull off a political hit job on her, it appears to be time to refocus on truth, what can be known, and settled as opposed to argued endlessly.

The Truth is, according to Academics, who might not be as reliable as what we once thought due to the most recent 'sky is falling' doomsday problem generated, say that Emperor Nero wanted to expand his Palace, so he burned down a huge portion of Rome and blamed it on some Religious Fundamentalist Insurgents.

Those people by the way were Christians.

Historians also say that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party burned down the Reichstag and blamed some Political and Religious Radical Insurgents called Communists. (I call them Religious as they believe in Man and Man alone being in power and absolute control of things, and have caused great Human Sacrifices in the name of their Faith in Man.)

There are admissions out of the Southern Poverty Law Center that cast a pall upon them and the FBI in that they both were complicit or complacent, or even aided and abetted in the Oklahoma City Bombing, allowing at least one person to believe that they were acting for the purposes of a cause against government evil.

It looks like they were instead used FOR further government evil.

Here in Michigan significant facts have appeared to show the Government knew about the Christmas Bomber as well.

My how things would have been different had THE PEOPLE on the plane not been brave enough to confront with bare hands what was deemed a viable and actual threat!

So, the record shows that Sun Tzu's the Art of War, his chapter on the use of Spies and Lies is alive and well in Mass Manipulation, even by Media, which brings us to September 11, 2001.

With evidence in place that proves that those in power still possess opportunity, the next question to prove is motive.

Nero had one.

Hitler had one.

The Government after Ruby Ridge and Waco had one, as it needed to make itself to be the victim after the crimes it committed, and thus return political stability and allegiance of the People.
What would be the motive for 911?

(I dispense with all of the Theories and discussions of HOW, because How has only brought division,that makes people look insane as Glenn Beck has recently tried to do, and all of the evidence has been destroyed.)

I offer the recent words of former Money Power Agent Paul Craig Roberts (former Treasury Official) pointing out how under Bush and Obama the Police State marches on.

One should be able to see by the way the Patriot Act was written and not decoded for its significance to be understood before being voted on, by the Habeas Corpus cases that have been generated recently before the Supreme Court, the creation of DHS, the arming of the Police with all types of weapons to sonically abuse and cook THE PEOPLE, that the level of government fear of just the IRS was no longer enough, they needed to spread Terror and control everywhere in every place possible.

Just as I watched a movie about Chile during the Pinochet Terror Regime, America has begun to look so much the same, with Government show of force (terror) being acceptable, and new weapons being pointed at THE PEOPLE. Wire Taps, surveillance, and descriptions of undesirables being vague and causing people to fear one another.

Their enemies were the elusive "Terrorists". A Government always searching and never finding, always looking and never seeing (how is that Christmas Bomber?), and THE PEOPLE who cried out for Liberty and Freedom were disappeared.

No new game plan here folks.

It is over 3000 years old. Even the Founders of America knew that Liberty in exchange for Security was a Shell Game Con. Every Russian Dictator held absolute power under the promise that once the nation was secure from all threats against their cause, they would then follow their Constitution.

So ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

Are you more Free today than you were on September 10, 2001?

Can America be as courageous as those on the Christmas flight and recognize the true threat that government has planted all by itself?

Bush told the world that 'the Terrorists Hate America because we are Free,'

The U.S. Supreme Court says that the Government has been in ceaseless War against the freedom and liberty of THE PEOPLE since before the the founding of the Nation (Fay v. Noia 1963), thus the Government hates THE PEOPLE who are America because we are free..

If the Motives of the enemies of America, the Terrorists, is the same motive of the Government as testified by the U.S. Supreme Court, is then not the Government at least one of the Terrorists?

The Defense for True Liberty, True Freedom, and True America rests its case.

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