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Notes for young adults on elections about history

I recommend printing this out, the more information you read, you might need a reference to take with you. God has been laying this on my heart over many years, and perhaps these events are when I am supposed to start talking about this very publicly at church. is best described as a Communist agitation wing of the billionaire class Communist party, where being Communist is not about being "Red" but about Monopoly Capitalism. Everything we were taught about who our enemies are is wrong, Communists are not the Russians or Red Chinese, but Billionaires like George Soros [1], Prince Philip (English Royalty), Bill Gates (and foundation) and families like the Saxe-Coberg-Gotha, Vanderbilts, Carnegies and Rockefellers and others who want to rule the world through globalism. They use covert-funded groups like, Weather Underground, Stand-up PAK, Media Matters, and Americans United for Change to subvert the very fabric of our nation.

The Clintons And Soros Launch America's Purple Revolution

Zero Hedge is a news/financial website which is very trustworthy for providing links and facts

When dealing with such violent thoughts about people voting and our government, you need to ask questions. My hope is that discussion can be raised, maybe even with parents wanting to discuss these subject independently knowing their kids are asking these types of questions. Is it possible to reach kids through their popular media (pop culture) and through their friends? Can you influence them in such a way the simple act of asking questions and planting seeds makes a difference?

1) Do you think that 1/2 the people in the United States are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and bigots? That seems like a large percentage of the country, where people have large amounts of land.

NOTE: As the above, do you believe these same 1/2 of the United States wants all the Latinos and Muslims to be deported, only to have a White America? Do you think Trump even has the legal capability and physical law enforcement ability to follow-through with the perceived notion he "might" deport a bunch of people? Are they citizens? Are they here legally, documented, illegally? 

Do you know what the immigration policies are of Mexico, Guatemala, El Savador, Jamaica, Hawaii (test question), Canada and the United States?

United States:

Do we have a country? Should we have immigration, migration, social security, health and work laws? Should we just let as many people under any circumstances come here and do what they want?

Should we require citizen status to get public benefits, food stamps, public assistance, social security, pay taxes, drivers license, vote?

For home work, read Cloward and Piven strategy to break-down the United States

2) These people voted against a woman, because they are sexist? Is it possible there are other reasons for them voting this way? Could they want a different outcome for the country, not previously happening? Could a silent majority of people in many outlying parts of the country have finally got sick and tired of the way things were being run in the country?

NOTE: For any of the policies discussed by Donald Trump do you actually know what they are? Do you just get your thinking from the TV and Media? Where? From whom?

3) Even if the above is true, or partially true, will violence changes people's thoughts? Or make them dig in more? Offer examples of when violence changes people's thinking.

Why would you vote for a liar, criminal, drug dealer and documented satanist (Clinton) over a media-suggested womanizer and bigot, if they actually do what they say? Couldn't you at least hold the bigot to the fire and force him to honor the laws of the land? Would you expect a known criminal and liar to change? Can a bigot change? (I don't suggest Trump is those things, but certainly is a narcissist).

4) What is the outcome of violence? Could it in fact turn back on the people creating violence, be imprisoned or at the least have life-long hate against others?

5) What could possibly be a way to make change? How about getting upset and angry and go out and talk with people, find out what they think.

6) non-violent protests have happened for quite some time, including Ghandi and the start of the Occupy movement (before the violent ones).

7) Is the media manipulated or subverting the truth? If so, how could this make you think or feel differently?

If you can be told what you can see or read, then it follows that you can be told what to say or think. (or in this case feel and do and create action) i.e. mind control

NOTE: Do we have a democracy? How does that work? Do you know what a Republic is? Is America actually run differently than mob rule? What is mob rule, and is it effective? How might a democracy work differently than by running a country by laws, rules and consideration of a Republic?

9) What could be the reason it might be required to sway a very large group of people in large cities to cause riots by inciting racism and hate? Does this happen in the country?

NOTE: Reviewing a map of the United States .vs. Voting .vs. Sanctuary Cities .vs. Crime, what do you find? How do you feel about this?

with crime overlayed

10) Did this happen before? i.e. LA riots? Ferguson?

11) Is it possible that by getting multiple groups to fight with each other, or even create the perception of a fight you can shift the attention to them, instead of onto the real problem?

12) Who benefits?

13) Does this country need all citizens to live together? Even with different ideas about how to make things work?

14) How do you discuss without getting violent?
(Kid President Is Over It!)

15) For those people who are racist and bigots, what do we do with them? Should we lock them up? Should we kill them? Should be re-educate them? Who decides?

Idea of White Privilege, racism, cops killing people, violence?
Listen to Larry Elder
(Larry Elder Destroys The Myth of White Privilege, Racism, and Police Brutality)

Here is a gentleman that goes off on Shia's webcam about 1984 .vs. 1776
(Black Trump Supporter Redpills "He Will Not Divide Us" Stream)

(so look, if these guys can't agree there is a larger problem, the media?)
(Larry Elder & Marc Lamont)

NOTE: Should we think about other countries occupying our country? How about a counter-revolution?
(Larry Grathwohl interview about William Ayers,Obama's Mentor)

Longer version interview with Larry:
(Bringing Down America by Larry Grathwohl)

16) What has Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama (with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State) done for us as a country, for the people, over the last 28 years?

17) Could we do better?

18) What would that look like? How can things change if we keep electing the same establishment players? Could electing someone totally different than the standard track of politicians actually make a difference?

If you read into the Brexit and a group called the UK IP (UK Independent Party), you find a guy named Nigel Farage at the center.

He made a movement stick, much like that of what Ron Paul started in the 1970's. Donald Trump was very similar the these values, but was always on the Democratic side of things. When Trump found the Republican party had forsaken the foundations of the US Constitution he decided to overthrow the party from within using good old fashion tactics. Why the DNC decided to run Clinton against him I will never know, because it was suicide. If they would have fully supported Bernie Sanders I believe he would have been elected this cycle, just that the Globalists wouldn't be able to control Bernie so well.

George Soros has funded and overthrown national government before, using the color revolution tactics, and he can do it again.

Out of all this, I don't believe we can really do anything on the large scale, but we can certainly start locally at Golden Hills showing kids there is another side to the conflict. Showing them how life really works, so that God can take over and work in their lives. I truly believe that during revolutionary times we need to think about military tactics to win kids over the God. We have to go find out what drives them find out how best to reach their minds. Only through their minds, can we overcome their animal nature, or the "Reptilian" brain.

Here is a portion:

And an online book, available on Amazon as well gives you an unbelievable overview of history

With Bill Gates at the center of many new movements forward now

EU Superstate, after you create a problem, then swoop in to deliver the answer to everyones fears

These lay out quite a bit of this is a long expose, down the rabbit hole, but if you print this out, it will be worthwhile

Some things to ponder and have answers for on current trends in pop recording RAP music and culture.

What if Rap Music could be used to turn a nation of kids into Thugs?

Ricky Ross and the Drug Fetish Thug Culture

Media Bias?
Blacks have allowed themselves to be defined by the press, activists, politicians and the entertainment media, who have set themselves up as the final arbiters of racial orthodoxy in America. That definition is one that had its genesis in nothing less than the quintessential stereotype of good-old-time bigots. This stereotype portrays blacks as shiftless, ignorant, nefarious, manifestly incapable of holding on to money and wholly preoccupied with sex.

This, if one examines the so-called culture that is so vociferously defended by many blacks, is most definitively encapsulated in “thug culture,” which has been legitimized in media and which received a shot in the arm in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting. Indeed, blacks – particularly young blacks – were even more so encouraged to embrace and flaunt the thug image, if for no other reason than to protest the shooting.

Thug Culture is a Cancer


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