Thursday, February 12, 2015

Vaccines (a casual idea to ponder)

This is about parental freedom, not always about science or vaccines specifically.   If it was known that Vitamin-D was a good supplement that contributed to your health, would you want the government to force you to take it, or send swat teams to your house?   Should you register to take Vitamin-C and make sure you are taking the allotted government prescribed dose each and every day?

Or how about Fluoride, should we dump it in our water supply so nobody has any idea the dose each adult, infant and child gets?   oh wait...

If we don’t eat the right number of vegetables, protein, bread and fruit, will CPS come and take our kids away?     Very strange thinking…It applies to things we stick in our bloodstream, as well as putting down our gullet.

If “sticking” a PHD next to your name doesn’t give you credibility, then perhaps you can lookup Heather Zwickey,PhD and I even put a link to her best talks recorded.   You may be surprised there are multiple views on vaccination, Neuropathy, and Naturopathic medicine.   Incidently there are a few organizations and Doctors dedicated to this subject matter.

On Feb 11, 2015, at 11:33 PM, Diana Horn ; wrote:

As a scientist I am apalled by this email and would like to be removed from ALL communications from ANYONE on this list who is so lacking in fundamental curiosity as to not engage in informing themselves through unpartisan sources about the massive collective good that vaccinations do for global and local society, despite drawbacks. Don't just get one side of the story, slap a Phd name on it and call it fact, there is a much bigger picture to consider in this debate.
Thank you for removing me and UNSUBSCRIBING me from all future contact.
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Den 11 feb 2015 19:32 skrev "Edward Spencer" :

On Feb 11, 2015, at 9:09 AM, ; ; wrote:

Hello everyone,
I have personally selected you to be part of this communication stream. 

Do you like have the right to vaccinate or not?  This basic human right is threatened!

I am deeply concerned about the current frenzy in this country about the measles outbreaks and the way un-vaccinated children are being portrayed. Our vaccine rights are being threatened in every way and we must actively fight the trends.  The only way to protect vaccine freedom is to educate the people and deal with the fear factor.

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