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Burzynski The Movie (PhD Biochemist) or how I can cure cancer

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Dr. Burzynski attended Lublin (Poland) University, and completed a studies of medicine in 1967. He was deemed the best in his class, and continued studies at Lublin to recieve a Ph.D in biochemistry. In 1967, while undergoing research to complete his Ph.D he made a discovery. He found a strain of human peptides in the blood stream(and urine) that had never before been seen.

After some searching, he found that people with cancer were actually lacking in these newly discovered peptides, called antineoplastons. He also observed that healthy people, without cancer, have an abundance of these peptides! It was concluded that he needed to extract these peptibes from healthy donors urine, and conduct clinical trials to put his discovery to use.

Burzynski now has a multi-million dollar Manufacturing facility in Stafford, Texas. There he is able to Synthesize antineoplastons for use in clinical trials. The facility staffs 5 engineers, 4 chemists, 3 pharmacists, 4 medical doctors, and 4 researchers. It is funded by himself and by donations.

Antineoplastons target cells that allow cancer to grow. It works on almost 100 genes that allow cancer to grow. Currently there is over 25 different gene targeted cancer drugs on the market (FDA approved). But most only target single genes.

2 different types of genes allow cancer to grow - oncogenes, and tumor suppressor genes. When a person has cancer, they have many more oncogenes switched on than suppressor genes. When one is healthy (free of cancer), tumor suppressor genes are much more prevelant and the amount of oncogenes turned on are less. The goal of Burzynski's antineoplaston treatment is to lower the amount of oncogenes that are turned on, and raise the amount of tumor suppressor genes. This allows the body to fight off cancer cells much easier.

Burzynski has been allowed, since the 1970's to conduct 'clinical trials' on cancer patients. Burzynski focuses heavily on brain cancer patients, as it's the most difficult to treat. Even though he is very limited on resources available to conduct clinical trials, as he is given no funds from federal resources.

A patient Jodi Fenton had grade 3(@2.2cm) cancer and after a month of burzynski's treatment was clear of any signs of cancer in her brain. 11 Years on, annual MRI's still confirm that her brain is completely cancer free. Here's the records.

The same can be found by looking at thousands of others medical records. Even children diagnosed with brainstem glioma, which is inoperable, have been treated and cured. FDA-supervised clinical trial data for children with brainstem glioma revealed that 1 of 107 patients(treated with chemotherapy and radiation) were cancer free after treatment and that none of them lived past 5 years. Using neoplastons, 11 of 40 patients (27.5%) were cancer free after treatment, and all of them lived past 5 years. Here's the records.

Some of the chemotherapy used today was FDA-approved in the 1980's, or 1970's! This is what mainstream medicine calls the cutting edge of cancer treatment.. If money collected from all of these big donation and research foundations were going into the hands of people who are making breakthroughs in the cancer research field. We would be seeing progress. But we see none.. This is the question everyone should be asking. Maybe someone from the FDA can answer this..

"I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finances."
- Dr. Richard J. Crout, FDA Bureau of Drugs Director, The spotlight, January 18, 1982

"when anyone other than large institutions ask permission to conduct clinical trials, you want harsh regulations, sometimes we say it is proper to hinder research, and once these guidelines were adopted, the FDA would consider itself "bound" by them."
- One March 12th, 1976, FDA Bureau of Drugs Director Richard Crout states in "The Cancer Letter"

Burzynski makes sure all medical records of all patients treated are filed away and backed up. As through previous experiences, his offices were raided and most of his medical records were stolen. He has records to show that antineoplastons work! In fact over the last couple of decades the FDA has taken him to court several times. Trying to stop his treatments.. Every time his patients have turned up in numbers to his court hearings. Because without his antineoplaston treatments.. they, or their children, would die!

If you want to learn more. Watch the movie, Burzynski The Movie - Cancer is Serious Business:

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business | Full Documentary | CANCER CURE [VIDEO]

Part 2 [VIDEO]

Please help spread word of this movie. Real advancements have been made for cancer treatment, and still are being made.. We just aren't told about it!

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Burzynski: The Cancer Cure Cover Up [VIDEO]

Q&A • Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business II • World Premiere [VIDEO]

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