Sunday, May 02, 2010


Dear Friends,

As Obama’s popularity wanes and more and more Americans that voted for Obama are now realizing that this is not what they signed up for, Obama is planning a strategy to stay in power through corrupting both the popular vote and the electoral vote. Although he continues to be popular with the mainstream media (follow the money), he is not so with the average American. At no time in our history have such large scale protests occurred to redress the government with a list of grievances - not even at our founding as a nation. And now, riots of illegal aliens, openly threatening American citizens with violence are treated with media favoritism and the sanctioned blessing of federal politicians on both sides of the isle in Washington, but mostly democrats, whereas Tea Party protesters, who in America’s largest peaceful protest movement have not even intimated violent threats, but have been used by the Obama administration to escalate the conflict between the citizens of this country and the naked power-abusing and usurping government in Washington by profiling us and placing us on government watch-lists. Whether Obama succeeds or not with his strategy to corrupt the ballot depends on We the People and our willingness to become involved.

Strategy #1
Although acting like he would not like to take up the issue of illegal immigration at this time, in reality, behind the scenes Obama is working with the Democrat House and Senate to shove another bill down our throats that will grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in this country right now, and at the same time register them to vote. By legitimizing the violation of our national borders and circumvention of our legal system, those granted amnesty will also receive the fattest package of welfare benefits ever offered, and this will essentially marry them to the welfare state sponsored by Obama and the democrats and paid for by you and me. SPEAK OUT NOW SAYING “WE WANT ENFORCEMENT - NOT AMNESTY”!

Strategy #2
And this strategy is designed to steal electoral votes – Efforts are now afoot by Obama supporters in Puerto Rico and House and Senate democrats in Washington to try to get Puerto Rico admitted as a state. They may or may not succeed with this scheme, but success for them would mean 2 senators and probably 6 representatives, who would ALL most likely be democrats, mitigating Obama’s unpopularity at home. SPEAK OUT NOW SAYING “WE CAN’T AFFORD THE NET DRAIN ON OUR TREASURY BY ADMITTING PUERTO RICO AS A STATE AND WE WON’T TOLERATE THIS EXPANSION OF ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS IN A TIME OF UNPRECEDENTED NATIONAL ECONOMIC CRISIS JUST TO SECURE MORE VOTES FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY”!

Strategy #3
Look for ACORN to be reconstituted in some new form or forms to continue to be the political foot soldiers of the Obama machine, in accordance with the communist Saul Alinsky’s rabble rousing plan to create crisis, unrest, and to subvert the vote. Don’t be surprised if some of these new organizations show up as “undisclosed” recipients of TARP or other bailout funds, either. Fight back by actively supporting candidates who will OPPOSE THIS TYPE OF CORRUPTION. It’s time now to identify those candidates that will preserve your freedom and oppose tyranny.

It’s time to act now, educating people on the difference between liberty and tyranny, and taking the time and deliberate effort to enlist the support of those who will vote to SUPPORT AND DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION and the government that it constitutes, rather than fundamentally changing it into a Marxist globalist system of tyranny.

John L Wadsworth

District 5 Chairman

Contra Costa Republican Central Committee

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