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The new face of the TEA party movement

by Jill Price

Here is very good information I have pulled from a few articles from TEA Party discussions- Great info! I know it is a lot to digest, but if you want truth, you will have to be ready to do homework and get educated. We are headed for a one world government and Obama is falling right in line, just as he was prepared to do. There are deeper meanings to the health care bill, cap and trade, swine flu "pandemic" and on and on. All of this to create chaos and fear, more government control, dumbing down America, control over public education, on and on. Read 1984, Animal Farm- it is a take over and it is the people behind Obama- the UN is serious business and we need to stop being "overwhelmed with too much information". Have they already dumbed us down America??? Read history and understand today. Do you know what the Trilateralist Commission and Council on Foreign Relations are? Do you know who the Builderberg Group is? Here is the definition from Wikipedia: The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, or Bilderberg Club is an unofficial, annual, invitation-only conference of around 130 guests, most of whom are persons of great influence in the fields of politics, business, banking, and media. And by the way, this year, Obama and Hillary Clinton were invited, and this is where policy is written for the world. WAKE UP and get over your fears of deep issues. FOX News doesn't tell all! There is research you will have to do without it being spoon fed to you. We have been spoiled for way too long. Let's get to the bottom of the truth and get it out.

From Faith in the "Right Movement"


The earliest origin of the Council on Foreign Relations stemmed from a working fellowship of about 150 scholars, called "The Inquiry," tasked to brief President Woodrow Wilson about options for the postwar world when Germany was defeated around 1917. Wilson, as an aside, was the President who signed the Federal Reserve Act into law. CFR was officially formed in 1921 and is a non-profit, non-partisan American “think tank.” All the regular players are there, including the Rockefeller's and other major players of the day in banking, politics, etc.…follow the money. Some of the members of CFR are legit. My belief is that those people who started out in CFR and then either founded or joined one or more of the four (4) are the ones that are really behind the major stuff.


In 1954, the Bilderberg Group was founded by none other than David Rockefeller. Membership is by invitation only and you have to be sick rich to belong to Bilderberg. The group meets annually at hotels or resorts throughout the world—for two consecutive years in Europe followed by a year in the United States or Canada. This tradition was broken in 2008 when the meeting was held in Chantilly, VA, to give easier access to those associated with the U.S. elections. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama attended that meeting. Further, my guess is that, like the mafia, once you are brought in on the “inside” of Bilderberg’s agenda…you never leave. Only way out of Bilderberg is death…either by natural or unnatural causes.


The Club of Rome, and international “think tank” was founded in 1968. David Rockefeller and Gorbachev are members. It really shook the Bushes in 1972 with its report The Limits to Growth. According to the club's publications, the common enemy of humanity is man, so democracy may not be well suited to the tasks ahead. However, the threat of pollution, global warming, water shortages, and famine can be used to fulfill humanity's need for a common adversary. The oil “crisis” of 1973 brought this publication more merit than it ever should have received, and so they slammed out another publication, Mankind at the Turning Point in 1974. The Second Report revised the predictions of the original Limits to Growth and gave a more “optimistic” prognosis for the future of the environment, noting that many of the factors were within human control and therefore that environmental and economic catastrophe were preventable or avoidable…enter Al “the planet has a fever” Gore and the platform for the Greens.


Then came Trilateral in 1973. Trilateral is also a private organization. And guess who founded Trilateral? You guessed it…David Rockefeller, who was Chairman of CFR at the time. Trilateral took CFR to a whole other level. Trilateral was established supposedly to foster closer cooperation among the United States, Europe and Japan but, in my view, Rockefeller had much more sinister intentions. Membership in Trilateral is by invitation only, but there is no monetary threshold to becoming a member. Every single President and/or Vice President of the United States since JFK has been a member. There are also corporate members which is different from any of the other organizations. All areas of the economy are represented…those that they need anyway. Banking (every major US and foreign bank), housing (Fannie and Freddie), and media (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.) are heavily represented in terms of membership.

"I would like to add just a little information to what Faith has said regarding the Trilateral Commission previously. In founding the Trilateral Commission it appears that Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller worked together to found it. Current members include:

US Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner
Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice
National Security Advisor Thomas Donilon
Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee, Paul Volcker
Director of National Intelligence Admiral Dennis C. Blair
Asst, Secretary of State, Asia and Pacific, Kurt M. Campbell
Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg
State Dept. Special Envoy Richard Haas
State Dept. Special Envoy Dennis Ross
State Dept. Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke

In addition to those links and the Obama administration:

Hillary is married to commission member Bill Clinton

Geithner worked with former Nixon secretary of state Henry Kissenger who is a lifetime trustee.

Brent Scowcroft has been an unofficial advisor to Obama and is a member.

Robert Zoellick who is currently president of the World Bank

Lawrence Summers, White House economic advisor was mentored during the Clinton administration by commission member Robert Rubin who was Treasury Secretary during the Clinton administration.

They are certainly present in the administration. These are globalists as are a number of senators and congressmen in the house. Their tentacles run deep."

"Because they work with the UN, they are able to get traction on their plans, which by any conservative account are despicable. The ultimate goal is to control the world politically, economically and religiously—one world everything."

...Second, excellent post on "Story #8: UN Grand Poobah Moon Wants World Government." The UN, the Trilateralist Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations (which works hand in hand with the Trilateralists and the UN) and other secret but powerful groups provide us with legitimate concern and the suggestion of One World inevitability. Run by men who were members of secret societies at various colleges, usually Ivy League (such as Yale's Skull and Bones) the membership of which includes both George H. W. Bush, the Trilateralists have been pushing for a New World Order for decades.

It is by the Trialeralists and the other groups and the UN that the concept of the United States of Europe was given birth and why the Euro was made the currency in most of Europe. The triumverate strategy is to start with Europe and work their way eastward into Asia, principally China, and then India in the Sub-Continent, and then into Third World countries. They're saving the easiest to convert until last.

Because they work with the UN, they are able to get traction on their plans, which by any conservative account are despicable. The ultimate goal is to control the world politically, economically and religiously—one world everything.

Pat Robertson of CBN has been particularly vocal about the New World Order and how it is patently anti-biblical. Other influential voices have been added to his. If you have carefully read "Revelation" or the Left Behind series, and believe in the Antichrist, you know that he must be able to control the entire world. From each country he will strip sovereignty and of all weapons arsenals under the guise of "keeping the peace." His real motivation vis-a-vis the use of those weapons is first to keep all nations in line, and second for use in the Battle of Armageddon. In "Revelation," John writes about "a sea of glass" in the Middle East which can be achieved only by the heat of an atomic blast melting the sand into that sea of glass.

The UN, an agency that relies mostly on the United States and the permanent members of the Security Council for its financial support is extremely anti-U.S., and as you point out, anti-everything in which we believe and hold dear.

But their plans have begun to fray around the edges with the concept of a United States of Europe, which is largely due to the shrinking support of skeptical new leaders, most notably French President Nicholas Sarkozy, Italian President Silvio Berlusconi and German President Angela Merkel (each of whom is slowly distancing him and herself from the unity policies of their predecessors), as well as the proletariat in each country which clings to heritages both ancient and sacrosanct. They don't want what makes them unique hurled into the "melting pot" of a USE.

The British are perhaps the most notable for the resistance. Their rejection of the euro being the most obvious sign of dubiousness and a lack of trust in a USE.

In short, the UN, Trilateralists and the other groups miscalculated the lay of the geopolitical landscape, have adjusted their strategies long term and are hard at work trying to rebuild bridges. I know this because, as an investigative journalist, I have been fed information since the 1980s by a member of one of the secret groups and by a member of the Council of Foreign Relations.

That a New World Order (synonymous and interchangeable with the One World government, economy and religion) is a subject about which religious organizations have been concerned for decades. The Book of "Revelation" gives us a very clear guide of what is to happen. The antichrist cannot rise to power until a natural or unnatural global catastrophe occurs, at which time he will have solutions that will escape the minds of all world leaders and make him appear messianic in the minds of disparate populations. National leaders will eagerly cede national soverignty and their weapons arsenals to him.

Because the UN's membership represents the vast majority of nations, so it is the ideal political body from which to launch the quest for global domination.

That said, there are similarities between the Copenhagen Conference and the Kyoto Accord, the latter of which has failed to meet its mandate primarily for lack of US support. President George W. Bush rejected Kyoto, and with Obama deciding not to attend the Copenhagen Conference, he seems to have rejected the tenets of that treaty, although I am uncertain as to whether or not he can sign it post-conference.

But what's critical here is the growing chorus of dissent from climatologists who are backing away from the whole concept of global warming and embracing a natural global atmospheric shift. Holes have successfully been punched through "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore's the-sky-is-turning-into-CO2" movie that is coming increasingly under substantial skepticism. Meteorologists at Accuweather, in particular, point out that the summer just passed was the third coolest on record, and the last three years have been colder than normal. Gore's critics outright state that golbal warming caused by man is a myth.

My sense is that Copenhagen will suffer a fate similar to that of Kyoto. Without active participation by the US, it cannot succeed, and if it is signed by President Obama, there's an extremely small chance that the Senate, as left as much of it is on the political spectrum, will not ratify the Copenhagen treaty for the very constitutional reasons you cite.

Hopefully, other voices of warning within the political wilderness will be added to yours to make as many as possible aware of the very real dangers ahead. "

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