Friday, November 16, 2007 Amero information fake!

The Hal Turner Show somehow manages to get peoples attention with these "ground breaking" stories all the time. Hal Turner is nothing but a fraud artist taking advantage of people who do not do their research properly. I would equate Hal Turner as the left version of Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly. These people subvert information and make NO attempt to tell people they are transmitting false claims.

Take for instance the Amero claims on Hal's website. The coins themselves are "fantasy coins" that come from dc-coin.

The Amero is real, the North American Union is real, and Hal Turner has once again managed to convince people the Denver Mint is making these coins. Well, not these coins Hal. They are made out of copper and silver by dc-coin selling non-US mint collectors coins.

Engadget blew the Hal Turner "Keyboard Logging" scandal wide open, and there are multiple instances on the net disproving this obvious lie. Of course the images he links to are all gone now, but I still remember the story. However, our friends at captured this data permanently. Dans Data review has a great Keyghost Logger write-up.

Whatever Hal Turner is up to, its not the truth. I personally want to listen to someone that at least gets the information right most of the time and that I NEVER catch lying on purpose. Why not take Alex Jones Infowars for instance? This guy always has good information and I have never once found he is subverting the facts. Is Alex passionate and does he use information to his advantage on his show, yes, but never flat out fabricates or lies about stuff.

Listen to Hal Turner if you have a passion for funny, well derived fictional stories like the Onion.


chiclayano said...

If it is a hoax as you say it is, this gay Turner should be hang from where it hurts, because this can cause panic, at all levels. And there could not return if this happens

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Hal's stories attract some of blog readers but it also attracts the attention of the FBI agents. All these lies and sensacionalisms are going to get rid of him one of these days. He mentioned, not long ago, that was in Brazil visiting friends. Is he preparing a spot to hide there? He certainly would be immediately pushed out off the Brazilian borders.

rhawk301.blogger said...

Hal Turner was a paid FBI informant or agent.