Friday, April 06, 2007

How The RIAA Destroyed The Record Store

"Owners of little record store detail the evil machinations of the recording industry."

This is the best article I have read of late about the music sales industry. I think they hit it right on the head. Who would have known that greedy music bigwig bastards by stuffing their pockets would kill the industry? Ok, that was a little sarcastic, but come on, if you only look after yourself you will get whats coming to you.

The RIAA needs to immediately and unconditionally accept online forms of music, P2P and bring back the 80's and early 90's style of music marketing. The record stores will slowly come back. Stores such as Wal Mart will also need to have brand new distribution agreements forbidding the under-sale of music, and no more exclusive boxing deals. Multi-national giganto-corporations are where the problems are at too, not just the music industry.

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