Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Congress Lacks High-Tech Expertise.

"Almost daily when Congress is in session, lawmakers are struggling to comprehend new technology and the government's role in shaping its future. In the biggest spurt of legislative activity since the dot-com boom, advocacy groups and businesses are seeking new laws to shape the fast-evolving digital landscape."

What we need is a bi-partisan tech branch, which works for Congress. They wouldn't support PC's and stuff, but would be driven by project requests from Congress members. We absolutely do not want to have any political appointees, but long-term hires which would work from administration to administration. They would be a mix of management, engineers, and assistants. When Congress has bills to review with technology in them, the technical branch would also get a copy and assist with the required parts.

We wouldn't want money, or lobby groups, or other external influences getting in the way here. Pay the employees a fair market salary, with good benefits. Lets cut through all the red tape and just get Congress the real deal information, without spin. Does this sound too unbelievable? It can happen. Congress is paid to make the decisions for this country. They should have bi-partisan support services working for them they can trust.

I think this idea could work for a whole host of other support services Congress needs as well.

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