Wednesday, April 26, 2006

'Fans who share music aren't thieves' - I am only buying from these people.

Important musicians such as Barenaked Ladies and Avril Lavigne have formed the Canadian Music Creators Coalition to among other things, support fans being sued by the Big Four Organized Music cartel. In their first white paper, the artists say, "Fans who share music are not thieves or pirates. Sharing music has been happening for decades."

OK, thats it. I am going to start buying music only from artists who are represented by groups like this. I hope other national groups are formed, especially inside the United States.

A note to artists. If you sign up with a group like this, you can GUARANTEE your music will be purchased by fans!

In fact, I may very well trash all the music I may have downloaded and only keep music from these artists. Why have old stale music around, from artists and publishing companies who do not respect the fans. I have bought lots of music, and downloaded lots of music. My downloads prompt me to buy from those artists who I truly enjoy, like Avril. Thanks for your support too!

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