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Burzynski The Movie (PhD Biochemist) or how I can cure cancer

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Dr. Burzynski attended Lublin (Poland) University, and completed a studies of medicine in 1967. He was deemed the best in his class, and continued studies at Lublin to recieve a Ph.D in biochemistry. In 1967, while undergoing research to complete his Ph.D he made a discovery. He found a strain of human peptides in the blood stream(and urine) that had never before been seen.

After some searching, he found that people with cancer were actually lacking in these newly discovered peptides, called antineoplastons. He also observed that healthy people, without cancer, have an abundance of these peptides! It was concluded that he needed to extract these peptibes from healthy donors urine, and conduct clinical trials to put his discovery to use.

Burzynski now has a multi-million dollar Manufacturing facility in Stafford, Texas. There he is able to Synthesize antineoplastons for use in clinical trials. The facility staffs 5 engineers, 4 chemists, 3 pharmacists, 4 medical doctors, and 4 researchers. It is funded by himself and by donations.

Antineoplastons target cells that allow cancer to grow. It works on almost 100 genes that allow cancer to grow. Currently there is over 25 different gene targeted cancer drugs on the market (FDA approved). But most only target single genes.

2 different types of genes allow cancer to grow - oncogenes, and tumor suppressor genes. When a person has cancer, they have many more oncogenes switched on than suppressor genes. When one is healthy (free of cancer), tumor suppressor genes are much more prevelant and the amount of oncogenes turned on are less. The goal of Burzynski's antineoplaston treatment is to lower the amount of oncogenes that are turned on, and raise the amount of tumor suppressor genes. This allows the body to fight off cancer cells much easier.

Burzynski has been allowed, since the 1970's to conduct 'clinical trials' on cancer patients. Burzynski focuses heavily on brain cancer patients, as it's the most difficult to treat. Even though he is very limited on resources available to conduct clinical trials, as he is given no funds from federal resources.

A patient Jodi Fenton had grade 3(@2.2cm) cancer and after a month of burzynski's treatment was clear of any signs of cancer in her brain. 11 Years on, annual MRI's still confirm that her brain is completely cancer free. Here's the records.

The same can be found by looking at thousands of others medical records. Even children diagnosed with brainstem glioma, which is inoperable, have been treated and cured. FDA-supervised clinical trial data for children with brainstem glioma revealed that 1 of 107 patients(treated with chemotherapy and radiation) were cancer free after treatment and that none of them lived past 5 years. Using neoplastons, 11 of 40 patients (27.5%) were cancer free after treatment, and all of them lived past 5 years. Here's the records.

Some of the chemotherapy used today was FDA-approved in the 1980's, or 1970's! This is what mainstream medicine calls the cutting edge of cancer treatment.. If money collected from all of these big donation and research foundations were going into the hands of people who are making breakthroughs in the cancer research field. We would be seeing progress. But we see none.. This is the question everyone should be asking. Maybe someone from the FDA can answer this..

"I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finances."
- Dr. Richard J. Crout, FDA Bureau of Drugs Director, The spotlight, January 18, 1982

"when anyone other than large institutions ask permission to conduct clinical trials, you want harsh regulations, sometimes we say it is proper to hinder research, and once these guidelines were adopted, the FDA would consider itself "bound" by them."
- One March 12th, 1976, FDA Bureau of Drugs Director Richard Crout states in "The Cancer Letter"

Burzynski makes sure all medical records of all patients treated are filed away and backed up. As through previous experiences, his offices were raided and most of his medical records were stolen. He has records to show that antineoplastons work! In fact over the last couple of decades the FDA has taken him to court several times. Trying to stop his treatments.. Every time his patients have turned up in numbers to his court hearings. Because without his antineoplaston treatments.. they, or their children, would die!

If you want to learn more. Watch the movie, Burzynski The Movie - Cancer is Serious Business:

Please help spread word of this movie. Real advancements have been made for cancer treatment, and still are being made.. We just aren't told about it!

SUPPORT THIS PROJECT, BUY THE DVD (only $6.99 with coupon code: "burz51" ):

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tdap California "mandatory" vaccination for school 2013-2014 year

tdap California "mandatory" vaccination for
school year 2013-2014 year is NOT law, it is
a clever suggestion.

I will update this blog with more information as I get it.  Please make comments with your experience, good or bad, whether you choose to get the vaccination for your children or not.   This blog is NOT designed to make anyone feel bad or uncomfortable about vaccinations, it is designed as an information resource.   I feel that parents should make their own decisions and be given clear options either way.   The school system makes it look like they are forcing parents to get these shots or "no school".   Your existing waiver or affidavit is still good.

!!!!WARNING!!!! AB2109 is NOT about parental choice.  It takes away parental choice by forcing us into corporate run doctors offices, and get "educated" on the wonders of vaccines.   Check out this horrific Un-American video as Dr. Pan tries to explain "its all for our good" and the "government will save you".  You must be re-educated to the views of the state.
NOTE: AB2109 goes into affect 1/1/2014 so please get your "informed consent" from your "health practitioner" and have it on hand for 2014 when requested.  Remember that a school nurse can also sign off on this form.

Unconstitutional Vaccine Law
AB2109 Passes the CA State Assembly Health Committee-1 of 7

VIDEO LINK (1 of 7) 
Informed Parents "Vaccine Education" Binder on Google Sites

If you really want your children to be healthy, feed them good food, vitamins and minerals.

Vaccination is NOT Immunization I get my Immunition from Dr. Tim and Youngevity!


Parents need to understand that if you choose NOT to get a vaccination, then it is extremely important you boost their immunity.  This requires vitamins, healthy food (including non-gmo, organic, and clean meat), exercise, a good stress-free home, and more.  The government knows that our sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices weaken our immune system and therefore we need vaccinations, which of course further to deplete our immune system overall.

Take the Youngevity Tangy Tangerine Challenge, and replenish your vitamins and minerals.

My recommendation on any vaccination if you choose to get them is to make sure your child is in fully good health, with no current issues including coughing, cold, high fever, anything.   Then, once they are healthy, make sure they are given only single shots with NO preservatives.  Most boosters, tetanus and combo shots are loaded with ingredients like preservatives, Polysorbate 80, aluminum compounds and more.

In 2011 a new law was passed which allows minors 12 years old and older to consent to vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases without the knowledge or consent of their parents.  This includes HPV vaccine.  Cal Family Code § 6926Medical exemptions are also allowed.

Executive Parental Summary
Fill out this affidavit, revoke your vaccination waiver, and replace it with this form.

Here is my personal affidavit on file with our school. [word copy] [pdf copy]
Here is a brochure which talks about vaccines you can read.  The forms are not online yet (but I have a copy uploaded here), and the form itself says it cannot be taken home, so they are trying to hide things.  Please  read everything here completely, as I outlined the most important things, with links.

Please contact me directly ( or 925-516-7699) if you can get a hold of the tdap vaccine waiver form (if you work in the school system that would be great).  On the website, it says:

"The form is designed to be completed at the school offices, where school staff can verify the signature of the parent or guardian. The form should not be sent to the student’s home for completion."

This seems like a mass-hypnosis scam, and the "educators" can take advantage of parents easier.  I want to get the form, and even a whole stack or case of them if possible.   There needs to be some parent to parent activism going here to beat this thing.

I am also attaching the generic waiver form, for California.   You can sign the waiver on the back (or separate card), you just need to print out this copy and ask for the original from the school.  They have to comply.   Also make sure you sign something which prohibits any kind of flu shot or injections, including fluoride tablets or any other indigestible unless authorized by the parents.

Here is my personal affidavit on file with our school. [word copy] [pdf copy]
AB354 new law, which does NOT require a new waiver. [backup copy]

CDPH8261 tdap waiver, and I include my suggestions for crossing out the first sentance (and inital it).

Tdap Waiver 2011 Cdph 8261 FILLABLE

(in case you don't have a scribd account)

General waiver form (and the law doesn’t require any new form either)

Tdap booster info

Instructions to schools, not the actual form

What is in my vaccine, you ask?

A really good resource for Vaccine info


Compliance with New Law AB 354

If you homeschool in California, you have probably heard of the new HSLDA recommendations for complying with AB 354, the vaccination law that says all 7th-12th graders must show proof that they have received the Tdap (whooping cough) booster by July 1, 2011.

HSLDA and Family Protection Ministry sent email alerts and mailings out to many homeschoolers, and their recommendations are being forwarded by alarmed homeschoolers.  You can read it here.

Before everyone gets in a panic over this and loses some of their rights at the same time, let’s take a breath here and examine the facts!

Yes, California has a new vaccination law, and we all know that some people vaccinate while some don’t.  California law has not removed the option to sign a belief waiver.  On that point, one can agree with HSLDA.  The details of making sure we’re all in compliance is where the difference arises.

Unfortunately, the HSLDA recommendation does the following:

It erodes the rights of parents.

HSLDA is recommending that all homeschooling parents in California do whatever the California Department of Public Health asks.   What they should be doing is standing up for our rights by encouraging everyone to observe the law as written!   We are not obligated to comply with bureaucrats who request extra of us.  When we start allowing unauthorized requests, we basically are encouraging State employees to take the law into their own hands.

It needlessly raises the fear level of homeschoolers.

The HSLDA alert is 4 pages long, full of details that are scaring parents.  They jumped on board with the Department of Public Health by endorsing the special sticker and a special Tdap form available only through the health department.

It puts homeschoolers at risk.

The Health Department has come up with a new waiver form just for the Tdap.  Nothing in the law requires a new form, but it’s part of the frenzy to make sure that every child is vaccinated.  Instead of updating the old form and putting it online, they are requiring all schools to contact their Health Department if they need a waiver.  HSLDA is recommending that all parents who file a private school affidavit individually contact their local Health Department to request the new waiver.  What is going to happen to the thousands of families who follow this advice and basically let their local Health Department know where they live, that they are homeschoolers, and that they don’t fully vaccinate?  Will they be subject to local harassment?  It’s not a risk anyone should take.

What should you do?

It’s simple enough.  The law changed, and everyone needs to either put a copy of the proof of Dtap vaccination in their child’s files or make sure they have signed the old PM 286B waiver.

Know the Code. Here are some links so you will know the law for yourself.  Knowledge is power, and don’t let anyone take that from you.  Be informed!

Here’s the link to the new law:
AB 354, Arambula. Health: immunizations.

The new law doesn’t say a new waiver form is needed just for Tdap, nor does it say that a special sticker must be in the upper left hand corner.

Need more?  How about reading existing law about waivers?  Here is the waiver law for children and school enrollment with the important part for parents in bold.  It is in the Health and Safety Code:

120365.  Immunization of a person shall not be required for admission to a school or other institution listed in Section 120335 if the parent or guardian or adult who has assumed responsibility for his or her care and custody in the case of a minor, or the person seeking admission if an emancipated minor, files with the governing authority a letter or affidavit stating that the immunization is contrary to his or her beliefs.

However, whenever there is good cause to believe that the person has been exposed to one of the communicable diseases listed in subdivision (a) of Section 120325, that person may be temporarily excluded from the school or institution until the local health officer is satisfied that the person is no longer at risk of developing the disease.

According to the law, all you need is a letter or affidavit stating that the immunization is contrary to your belief!  You don’t need to contact the health department, and you don’t need a new form.  The current one will work.  How easy is that!   Follow the law, and nothing more.  This is the safest way to preserve our right to homeschool in California.

Here is my personal affidavit on file with our school. [word copy] [pdf copy]

The following article on AB499 defines why it so important to have an affidavit on file, and not just a waiver form.   I personally don't want to have to keep up with all the crazy waivers they throw at us.  Just fill out a single affidavit form, and be done with it!

What if my school district says there is no exemption for the new Tdap vaccine?

If your school has not received the CDPH 8261 forms yet, then your county health department should be able to help.

Contact numbers are posted at:

See the bottom of
for a letter from the CDE with contact numbers for CDPH and the CA School Nurse Consultant.

People in California who are willing to help with exemptions are posted here:

Contact for exemption information:

NVIC Advocacy Portal
will have a list of individuals active with California exemption issues. Send a message asking to be put in touch with someone in your county or school district who can help with California exemptions.

Should I leave the wording of CDPH 8261 as it stands?
Note sentence 2 in the form:

"The unimmunized child and the child’s contacts at school and home are at a greater risk of becoming sick with pertussis which can be life-threatening for young infants and can cause prolonged illness at any age."

The sentence above is a belief of the CDPH but may not be the belief of the parents who sign CDPH 8261. Also, if it were true that non-vaccinated children are unimmunized and actually posed a threat to other children, then signing such a statement would be an admission of "child abuse."

At VacLib we believe several things:

Parents should sign only statements that they believe.

Parents should not sign statements that are possibly self incriminating. See
here for more information.

The following appear to be opinions of CDPH: Unvaccinated = unimmunized, the Tdap booster will prevent pertussis, no other way than vaccination exists to immunize, etc.

Suggestion, pick one of the following courses of action: [This is not legal advice, but is for your convenience.]
  • 1. Sign the form as is.
  • 2. Or cross out sentence two in the form.
  • 3. Or print above sentence two, something like this:
    I acknowledge that I have read the following two statements made by the CDPH:

    [This suggestion is graphically illustrated
  • 4. You may wish to write your own affidavit. (Show the school the law, section 120365)
  • 5. You may wish to consult your legal council before signing the form.
Notice the difference between that and the following, which is the personal beliefs affidavit for every other vaccine.

“I hereby request exemption of the child, named on the front, from the immunization requirements for school/child care entry because all or some immunizations are contrary to my beliefs. I understand that in case of an outbreak of any one of these diseases, the child may be temporarily excluded from attending for his/her protection." 
I would encourage California parents to cross out the second paragraph of the new form, and this wording from the 3rd paragraph: "for the protection of the child and other students"
California law does not require any specific wording on an exemption form. So parents can cross out objectionable wording on the pre-printed form, or write their own statement.

1. Here is the original exemption form (don't fill in any previous vaccines, just sign the exemption on the back of the form.
2. There is an additional waiver form now (besides the usual blue card for waiver of all vaccines & TB tests) for Tdap vaccine (Tetanus/diphtheria/whooping cough) in California this year only for students going into middle or high school (7th through 12th
grades). (they give you this to sign somehow)
Signing the back of the Blue Card is not sufficient for exempting Tdap
• Fill out form CDPH 8261 with Student information
• Form MUST be signed by parent/guardian
and there are parts on the form that you may want to cross out (and initial that you crossed it out) and sign out - otherwise you implicate yourself as 'knowing it is dangerous to not vaccinate"

18 Reasons JUST TO SAY NO to Vaccinations


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