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[NEWS AND ACTION] July 15th 2017 Bohemian Grove or Bilderberg Summer Camp?

Bohemian Grove Activities Meetup in Monte Rio, CA 7/15/2017
brought to you by We Are Change Redwood Empire

Rituals like the cremation of care to lakeside chats have people talking worldwide.   Bilderberg takes place each year in some posh hotel, and then summer rolls around and more of these elite, those who are supposedly representing us, gather in the Monte Rio woods for summer camp.

Resist the Grove!

Facebook Event Page to register, sign-up and chat

NOTE: Please remember that our primary news, outreach and discussion is our Facebook group.

Meet us up at Bohemian Grove on Saturday July 15, 2017

20601 Bohemian Ave, Monte Rio, CA 95462
Confirmed date of the event: 7/15/2017

Meeting and Greeting whomever shows up at the gates, and bringing a reminder that the people will show up with modern pitch forks (i.e. bullhorns).

Bring your stories and knowledge, and lets get stuff down on video and radio. We have journalists, photographers, videographers and traveling truth tellers that show up each year.

Bohemian Grove is the West Coast location of the rich and famous romper room Bilderberg Group. This is where policy is made for the next year, and big business get their marching orders on what is coming next. Traditionally it was attended by so-called "Conservatives" or "Right Wing" fundamentalist power brokers. This has never been the complete story.

Alex Jones broke into Bohemian Grove with the help of locals, and broke out a world-class story, putting a very evil spin on the groves activities. What is the truth? What can you learn by attending and sharing?

We call it "Bilderberg West".

Sunday, November 20, 2016

California Gun Laws, assault weapons ban and the future

Here in California we don't have a second amendment, we have a privilege to carry guns set by the fascist dictatorship which is California.

The Constitution of the United States clearly says:
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
OK, so what part of "shall not be infringed" [1] [2] [3] doesn't make it to the BATF and Sacramento? Or get a book about the matter... [1] [2] better yet, get a pocket constitution (Citizens Rule Book) and read it.

Perhaps they use the White House version of the 2nd amendment as their guide?

The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms.
Or Perhaps Cornell, well they specifically put a header into their text warning people the 2nd amendment is "under debate".
The Second Amendment has most recently been interpreted to grant the right of gun ownership to individuals for purposes that include self-defense. At first it was thought to apply only to the Federal government, but through the mechanism of the Fourteenth Amendment, it has been applied to the states as well.
Review the following:

Text of the CA Senate Bill 880

and its so technical, you need several good reviews to even understand what its about.  The bottom line, is I am pretty sure that law enforcement will ALWAYS have the ability to confiscate anything you have and use the courts to sort it out.   In this way in California you have no gun rights, just a slinking, constant fear you might have trouble if you carry, transport, or even get a hint of storing a gun.

Cal Gun Laws
CA Bans bullet buttons
Bullet Button Reloaded
Gun Fighter Tactical

Cal Forum

and Cal Guns Facebook page

Comments archived from Reddit

Genesis CNC


Buy more lowers

Bullet Button Reloaded, circumvents law, disables magazine release

Sacramento Bee explanation of new gun laws on assault weapons
Being a California gun owner just got more complicated.

Bolstering a body of firearms laws already considered among the nation’s strongest, Gov. Jerry Brown last week signed a half-dozen bills to regulate ammunition sales, ban large-capacity clips and quick-reloading devices and clamp down on lending weapons, among other things.

Some hunters and shooters have reacted with a mix of dismay and confusion, wondering what they will have to do to remain law-abiding citizens and asking if they will need to change their habits.

“I haven’t broken any laws. I’m a Boy Scout. For 20 years I’ve made every effort to stay completely legal because gun rights are so important to me,” said John Spier, a competitive shooter who lives in Visalia. “These laws are going to affect me and those like me a lot more than they’re going to affect criminals.”

Here are answers to some of the more common questions and concerns that arose in interviews with gun owners.
Q: Do I have to get a permit to buy ammunition?
A: No. But under Senate Bill 1235 as of July 2019 you will need to pass a background check, which involves the vendor running your information through a California Department of Justice system to see if you are prohibited from owning guns (for example, because of a violent felony). If not, you should be clear to buy.
Q: What if I go hunting across state lines and buy ammo there?
A: Let’s say you travel to Oregon for some duck hunting and buy boxes of ammunition while outside of California. You can bring at most 50 rounds back in to the state. Any more than that and you could be hit with a misdemeanor.
Q: Who’s going to enforce that?
A: The same law enforcement agencies like sheriffs, police officers and Department of Justice agents who already enforce gun laws. For example, the department already works to intercept people who cannot own guns in California but try to get them across the border from other states.
Hunters might already be familiar with Department of Agriculture border checkpoints, which exist to ensure people aren’t bringing banned fruit and vegetables, illegally poached game or out-of-state afflictions like chronic wasting disease into California. There is no plan to set up new checkpoints to check whether people are bringing ammunition, but people could face questions about ammo at the agricultural stops.
If you are purchasing ammunition in California, going hunting in another state and then returning with more than 50 rounds, keep a record of the sale to establish it’s on the level.
Q: Can I give or sell my friends and family excess ammunition?
A: You can sell up to 50 rounds a month directly to immediate relatives and give as much as you want to friends or family. You cannot sell to a friend unless the transaction goes through a licensed ammunition dealer or you both are licensed hunters out on a hunt and you don’t sell more than 50 rounds a month.
Q: I own a gun with a detachable magazine. Am I breaking the law?
A: Two bills, Senate Bill 880 and Assembly Bill 1135, sought to close what law enforcement groups and gun control advocates call the “bullet-button” loophole. California law already prohibited assault weapons, defined as those with magazines that can be detached without disassembling the gun or using a tool.
But some gun owners reacted to that by employing so-called “bullet-button” devices that can quickly release spent magazines without running afoul of the ban, seeing as they allow users to eject magazines using tools like another magazine.
The new laws would, as of the start of 2017, ban the sale of semi-automatic, centerfire rifles or semi-automatic pistols that do not have a fixed magazine and also have one from a list of specific design features.
Q: So if I have an old gun that fits that definition, do I have to get rid of it?
A: Not if you bought it between 2001 and 2016. But you will need to register it with the California Department of Justice by the start of 2018. You can find a form online at, and it should cost at most $20.
Both under the old and the new definition, to be banned for sale guns also need to have a characteristic from a list that includes things like a protruding pistol grip, a thumbhole stock, a folding stock, a flash suppressor or a grenade launcher. In other words, what are often referred to as “military-style” features.
So guns like hunting rifles with detachable magazines won’t necessarily be banned, as long as they don’t have one of those “military-style” design features the state uses to define assault weapons.
Q: My dad owns a semi-automatic with a detachable magazine that fits the new definition of an assault weapon. Will I be able to inherit it when he dies or buy it from him?
A: No. Unless he modifies the gun so it’s not longer classified as an assault weapon, that now counts as an illegal sale or transfer.
Q: My hunting company regularly lends customers guns. Is that now illegal?
A: No. Assembly Bill 1511 cracks down on loaning guns, with advocates arguing the practice serves to skirt background check requirements.
But an existing exemption for hunters remains in place, so hunting guides can still lend their customers firearms as part of their businesses if those customers have hunting licenses and only use the guns during the established hunting season.
Family members can lend one another guns provided it doesn’t happen that often: less than six times a year for handguns and, for other guns, if it’s “occasional and without regularity.”
Outside of that, you won’t be able to loan guns to others starting in January 2017.
Q: Some of the guns I use take magazines that carry more than 10 rounds. What do I do with them?
A: Senate Bill 1446 prohibits the possession of magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds as of July 2017. That expands on an existing state law barring the sale and import of such magazines.
So you might need to get rid of old high-volume magazines by destroying them, selling them to licensed gun dealers or handing them in to law enforcement. But, as with the bullet-button bills, there are some exceptions written in.
If you own a gun that only takes such large-capacity magazines, and bought it before the start of 2000, you can keep the magazines that go with it provided you only use them for that gun.
Q: I’m a competitive shooter and use guns with large-capacity magazines. Can I continue practicing my sport in California?
A: Some shooting competitions use guns that accept magazines larger than those California now prohibits. Participants have been able to get around that until now provided their magazines are old enough that they didn’t buy them before California outlawed sales of such magazines.
But now, if your gun can take a lower-capacity magazine, you have to use it while in California.
Jeremy B. White: 916-326-5543@CapitolAlert

Thursday, November 17, 2016

National Socialism (Nazi) and Social Nationalism Explained Easily

I find it interesting in the context of the recent election cycle that Barack Obama would actually come out with the assistance of the national media whore press and suggest that Nations should be careful in support of Nationalist movements [1], linking them to the Nazi movement [2] and related bloodshed.

Supporting a strong country, borders, sustainable economics and wanting the best for your fellow countrymen is not Nazi, nor is it some form of deluded thinking that brought about WWII.  Hitler specifically wanted to establish a "Master Race" or National Eugenics movement, similar to that of the United States at the time [3], he wanted the "Arian Race" to dominate and rejected class mingling.

The Globalist leanings of this establishment president and those around him, and those presidents for the last 27 years is what has been damaging to the United States.   We need far less globalism and more straight forward nationalism in order to support a free and open society.  We need to remove the bonds of crony capitalism, which is fueled by corrupt government.

The Syrian Social Nationalist Party has been blogging about its own struggle in the Middle East, and I would want you to at least read what they have to say, and understand national struggles from different sides.   I can't personally endorse any government or political movement, because I believe in a more John Birch Society view of government.  It is important to note, however, that as government is supposed to preserve your freedom, any attempt to make a people more free and more independent is a good one.
In short, National Socialism and Social Nationalism operate on two separate intellectual planes: the former connects between race and nation and the later discounts any such connection.
In Mein Kampf Hitler stated the basic postulates of the race theory as follows: First, a struggle for the survival of the fittest sets the pace for social progress. This struggle occurs within the race, thus giving rise to a natural elite; it also occurs between races and the cultures that express the inherent natures of different races. Second, hybridization by the intermixture of two races results in the degeneration of the higher race. Third, that all high civilizations or important cultures are the creation of one race, or at most of a few. One particular race singled out is the 'culture-creating Aryan' which, according to Hitler, achieved its superior moral qualities through dutifulness and idealism (honour) rather than intelligence. In this organic conception of life, all history "must be rewritten and reinterpreted in terms of the struggle between the races and their characteristic ideas, or more specifically, as a struggle between the Aryan or culture-creating race and all the lower breeds of mankind."
I also have to point out that Patriotism is a personal struggle for freedom within a National view of your country.  Without a country, we have no firewall against external forces, and left with a global government and global tyranny.  We must erect national borders to sustain people within regional context.   I personally believe there are enough problems dealing with your own government and guarding against tyranny, we don't need to remove all borders.

A website called seems to suggest that Patriotism and Nationalism are much different.
Patriot: Expresses the emotion of love towards his country in a passive way.
Nationalist: Strives for independence and the interests and domination of a nation and expresses his love or concern for the country in an active political way.

This is quite retarded.  A patriot not only can express their views aggressively, but be downright pissed off about the direction their personal freedom is taking when a national government starts to oppress them.  A Patriot is someone who uses national pride and love of country actively, and politically to achieve the goals of freedom.   This milk-toast website, and its author needs to re-think pride in ones own surroundings.
At the core of National Socialism was the Nationalism advocated by the historian Heinrich von Treitschke. A basic theme was Social Darwinism: individuals and nations are both subject to a continuous struggle for life. In this struggle, race is the center of life and all other elements are rated with reference to it. National Socialism claimed that keeping the blood and the race pure is a nation's noblest task. It proclaimed the Germanic race as the new ‘icorpus mysticum’ on which the salvation of the Aryan race and consequently that of the world depended. Accordingly, Nazist policies "figured solely as an expedient intended to improve the Germanic race genetically and to protect it against racial interbreeding which according to the National Socialists, always entails the doctrine of the higher race."

By contrast, Saadeh excluded the notion of race as a criteria of nationality. In one of his most vigorous statements against the national socialist conception of the N.S.D.A.P, he declared: "The alleged purity of the race or the blood of any nation is a groundless myth. It is found only in savage groups, and even there it is rare." For the same reason, Saadeh reproached both Count Gobineau and Chamberlain, the forefathers of National Socialism, and Pascal Mancini who unconsciously lapsed into the use of the catchword race in defining the concept of the nation.

In National Socialism, the national idea lost any pretense of scientific objectivity. This is because there is no correlation between race and national frontiers. More importantly, when seen from a purely social perspective, the nation is not a single race in the scientific sense, but a multiracial society fused together in multitudes. This fusion is a process by which two or more races combine to produce a new whole which is significantly different from each of its parent races, but includes elements from all of them, produced through the stimulation of contact and subsequent internal development.

Another significant difference between National Socialism and Social Nationalism relates to the concept of national history. In National Socialism purity of blood speaks louder than reason, and race is the center of all human history. Ernest Kriek, a National Socialist philosopher at Heidelberg, asserted the contrast as follows: "There has arisen ... blood against formal reason; race against purposeful rationality; honour against profit; unity against individualistic disintegration; martial virtue against bourgeois security; the folk against the individual and the mass."

In Mein Kampf Hitler stated the basic postulates of the race theory as follows: First, a struggle for the survival of the fittest sets the pace for social progress. This struggle occurs within the race, thus giving rise to a natural elite; it also occurs between races and the cultures that express the inherent natures of different races. Second, hybridization by the intermixture of two races results in the degeneration of the higher race. Third, that all high civilizations or important cultures are the creation of one race, or at most of a few. One particular race singled out is the 'culture-creating Aryan' which, according to Hitler, achieved its superior moral qualities through dutifulness and idealism (honour) rather than intelligence. In this organic conception of life, all history "must be rewritten and reinterpreted in terms of the struggle between the races and their characteristic ideas, or more specifically, as a struggle between the Aryan or culture-creating race and all the lower breeds of mankind."

On the contrary, Saadeh regarded racial fusion as one of the driving forces of human history. Although he distinguished between higher and lower civilizations he never lost sight of the common sense approach to the question of race relations. This distinction itself was maintained on the ground of racial hybridization. Higher civilization was thus seen as the product not of racial purity, as the national socialists would have us believe, but of the group's on-going inter-racial mixture, and vice versa in relation to lower civilizations. Moreover, whereas in national socialism the nation, in both its existence and history, is seen in a purely racial sense, in social nationalism, it is based on human as well as geographical factors. "There can be no people," wrote Saadeh, "where there is no land, no society where there is no physical environment, and no history where there is no society."

In short, National Socialism and Social Nationalism operate on two separate intellectual planes: the former connects between race and nation and the later discounts any such connection. While they may be similar in certain limited ways, it must be recognized that, from both a theoretical and practical perspective, a certain correlation exists between all ideologies no matter how far apart they may be. More obvious, at any rate, is the difference between the intrinsic elements of an idea and its extrinsic parts which can become the great enemy of the intrinsic. It is within this context that comparative analysis should take place, not only between National Socialism and Social Nationalism but also between any two ideas.

John Muir Health and Vaccine waiver in California

My continuing fight for getting John Muir Health to give me a simple letter stating that my kids shouldn't get vaccines any more.

From: Lisa McCrary []
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2016 4:40 PM
To: Sean Ackley
Subject: Letter

The information below is from our in-house legal counsel:

“SB 277 does not mandate that the physician sign the letter.

SB 277 is the bill that actually eliminates the personal beliefs exemption that parents used to rely on to exempt their kids from getting vaccinated in order to attend school. SB 277 does say that in order to exempt a child from the vaccine requirement, a parent needs to submit a written statement from a licensed physician (M.D. or D.O.) which states:
·         That the physical condition or medical circumstances of the child are such that the required immunization(s) is not indicated.
·         Which vaccines are being exempted.
·         Whether the medical exemption is permanent or temporary.
·         The expiration date, if the exemption is temporary.
MDs are NOT required to assist in requests for medical exemptions. They are legally permitted to, but not required to. “

Lisa McCrary
Risk Management Coordinator
Quality Management
John Muir Health
1450 Treat Blvd. Ste.# 300
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
(925) 941-2028 (ph)
(925) 952-2845 (fax)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Notes for young adults on elections about history

I recommend printing this out, the more information you read, you might need a reference to take with you. God has been laying this on my heart over many years, and perhaps these events are when I am supposed to start talking about this very publicly at church. is best described as a Communist agitation wing of the billionaire class Communist party, where being Communist is not about being "Red" but about Monopoly Capitalism. Everything we were taught about who our enemies are is wrong, Communists are not the Russians or Red Chinese, but Billionaires like George Soros [1], Prince Philip (English Royalty), Bill Gates (and foundation) and families like the Saxe-Coberg-Gotha, Vanderbilts, Carnegies and Rockefellers and others who want to rule the world through globalism. They use covert-funded groups like, Weather Underground, Stand-up PAK, Media Matters, and Americans United for Change to subvert the very fabric of our nation.

The Clintons And Soros Launch America's Purple Revolution

Zero Hedge is a news/financial website which is very trustworthy for providing links and facts

When dealing with such violent thoughts about people voting and our government, you need to ask questions. My hope is that discussion can be raised, maybe even with parents wanting to discuss these subject independently knowing their kids are asking these types of questions. Is it possible to reach kids through their popular media (pop culture) and through their friends? Can you influence them in such a way the simple act of asking questions and planting seeds makes a difference?

1) Do you think that 1/2 the people in the United States are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and bigots? That seems like a large percentage of the country, where people have large amounts of land.

NOTE: As the above, do you believe these same 1/2 of the United States wants all the Latinos and Muslims to be deported, only to have a White America? Do you think Trump even has the legal capability and physical law enforcement ability to follow-through with the perceived notion he "might" deport a bunch of people? Are they citizens? Are they here legally, documented, illegally? 

Do you know what the immigration policies are of Mexico, Guatemala, El Savador, Jamaica, Hawaii (test question), Canada and the United States?

United States:

Do we have a country? Should we have immigration, migration, social security, health and work laws? Should we just let as many people under any circumstances come here and do what they want?

Should we require citizen status to get public benefits, food stamps, public assistance, social security, pay taxes, drivers license, vote?

For home work, read Cloward and Piven strategy to break-down the United States

2) These people voted against a woman, because they are sexist? Is it possible there are other reasons for them voting this way? Could they want a different outcome for the country, not previously happening? Could a silent majority of people in many outlying parts of the country have finally got sick and tired of the way things were being run in the country?

NOTE: For any of the policies discussed by Donald Trump do you actually know what they are? Do you just get your thinking from the TV and Media? Where? From whom?

3) Even if the above is true, or partially true, will violence changes people's thoughts? Or make them dig in more? Offer examples of when violence changes people's thinking.

Why would you vote for a liar, criminal, drug dealer and documented satanist (Clinton) over a media-suggested womanizer and bigot, if they actually do what they say? Couldn't you at least hold the bigot to the fire and force him to honor the laws of the land? Would you expect a known criminal and liar to change? Can a bigot change? (I don't suggest Trump is those things, but certainly is a narcissist).

4) What is the outcome of violence? Could it in fact turn back on the people creating violence, be imprisoned or at the least have life-long hate against others?

5) What could possibly be a way to make change? How about getting upset and angry and go out and talk with people, find out what they think.

6) non-violent protests have happened for quite some time, including Ghandi and the start of the Occupy movement (before the violent ones).

7) Is the media manipulated or subverting the truth? If so, how could this make you think or feel differently?

If you can be told what you can see or read, then it follows that you can be told what to say or think. (or in this case feel and do and create action) i.e. mind control

NOTE: Do we have a democracy? How does that work? Do you know what a Republic is? Is America actually run differently than mob rule? What is mob rule, and is it effective? How might a democracy work differently than by running a country by laws, rules and consideration of a Republic?

9) What could be the reason it might be required to sway a very large group of people in large cities to cause riots by inciting racism and hate? Does this happen in the country?

NOTE: Reviewing a map of the United States .vs. Voting .vs. Sanctuary Cities .vs. Crime, what do you find? How do you feel about this?

with crime overlayed

10) Did this happen before? i.e. LA riots? Ferguson?

11) Is it possible that by getting multiple groups to fight with each other, or even create the perception of a fight you can shift the attention to them, instead of onto the real problem?

12) Who benefits?

13) Does this country need all citizens to live together? Even with different ideas about how to make things work?

14) How do you discuss without getting violent?
(Kid President Is Over It!)

15) For those people who are racist and bigots, what do we do with them? Should we lock them up? Should we kill them? Should be re-educate them? Who decides?

Idea of White Privilege, racism, cops killing people, violence?
Listen to Larry Elder
(Larry Elder Destroys The Myth of White Privilege, Racism, and Police Brutality)

Here is a gentleman that goes off on Shia's webcam about 1984 .vs. 1776
(Black Trump Supporter Redpills "He Will Not Divide Us" Stream)

(so look, if these guys can't agree there is a larger problem, the media?)
(Larry Elder & Marc Lamont)

NOTE: Should we think about other countries occupying our country? How about a counter-revolution?
(Larry Grathwohl interview about William Ayers,Obama's Mentor)

Longer version interview with Larry:
(Bringing Down America by Larry Grathwohl)

16) What has Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama (with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State) done for us as a country, for the people, over the last 28 years?

17) Could we do better?

18) What would that look like? How can things change if we keep electing the same establishment players? Could electing someone totally different than the standard track of politicians actually make a difference?

If you read into the Brexit and a group called the UK IP (UK Independent Party), you find a guy named Nigel Farage at the center.

He made a movement stick, much like that of what Ron Paul started in the 1970's. Donald Trump was very similar the these values, but was always on the Democratic side of things. When Trump found the Republican party had forsaken the foundations of the US Constitution he decided to overthrow the party from within using good old fashion tactics. Why the DNC decided to run Clinton against him I will never know, because it was suicide. If they would have fully supported Bernie Sanders I believe he would have been elected this cycle, just that the Globalists wouldn't be able to control Bernie so well.

George Soros has funded and overthrown national government before, using the color revolution tactics, and he can do it again.

Out of all this, I don't believe we can really do anything on the large scale, but we can certainly start locally at Golden Hills showing kids there is another side to the conflict. Showing them how life really works, so that God can take over and work in their lives. I truly believe that during revolutionary times we need to think about military tactics to win kids over the God. We have to go find out what drives them find out how best to reach their minds. Only through their minds, can we overcome their animal nature, or the "Reptilian" brain.

Here is a portion:

And an online book, available on Amazon as well gives you an unbelievable overview of history

With Bill Gates at the center of many new movements forward now

EU Superstate, after you create a problem, then swoop in to deliver the answer to everyones fears

These lay out quite a bit of this is a long expose, down the rabbit hole, but if you print this out, it will be worthwhile

Some things to ponder and have answers for on current trends in pop recording RAP music and culture.

What if Rap Music could be used to turn a nation of kids into Thugs?

Ricky Ross and the Drug Fetish Thug Culture

Media Bias?
Blacks have allowed themselves to be defined by the press, activists, politicians and the entertainment media, who have set themselves up as the final arbiters of racial orthodoxy in America. That definition is one that had its genesis in nothing less than the quintessential stereotype of good-old-time bigots. This stereotype portrays blacks as shiftless, ignorant, nefarious, manifestly incapable of holding on to money and wholly preoccupied with sex.

This, if one examines the so-called culture that is so vociferously defended by many blacks, is most definitively encapsulated in “thug culture,” which has been legitimized in media and which received a shot in the arm in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting. Indeed, blacks – particularly young blacks – were even more so encouraged to embrace and flaunt the thug image, if for no other reason than to protest the shooting.

Thug Culture is a Cancer

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Best Documentaries to watch

This is the best 3 1/2 hours to spend learning an in-depth look at our economy, banking and political power. I Will followup with several more great documentaries.

The Money Masters - Full Documentary (1996)

The Secret Government: Bill Moyers (1987)

Invisible Empire (Full Documentary)

The Power Of Nightmares: Part 1 Baby Its Cold Outside (2004)

The Century of the Self (Full Documentary)

(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

War Corporatism - What Barry Says

Edwin Black Discusses IBM and the Holocaust

One Mainframe To Rule Them All [FULL]


WE - Arundhati Roy 1/7

Feature Film - The Stanford Prison Experiment

The Milgram Experiment 1962 Full Documentary

The psychology of evil | Philip Zimbardo

ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS : Ancient Persia and Arabian Peninsula

Monday, June 20, 2016

Bohemian Grove activities meetup in Monte Rio, CA 7/16/2016

Rituals like the cremation of care to lakeside chats have people talking worldwide.   Bilderberg takes place each year in some posh hotel, and then summer rolls around and more of these elite, those who are supposedly representing us, gather in the Monte Rio woods for summer camp.

Resist the Grove!

Facebook Event Page to register, sign-up and chat

Meet us up at Bohemian Grove on Saturday July 16, 2016

20601 Bohemian Ave, Monte Rio, CA 95462
Confirmed date of the event: 7/16/2016

Meeting and Greeting whomever shows up at the gates, and bringing a reminder that the people will show up with modern pitch forks (i.e. bullhorns).

Bring your stories and knowledge, and lets get stuff down on video and radio. We have journalists, photographers, videographers and travelling truth tellers that show up each year.

Bohemian Grove is the West Coast location of the rich and famous romper room Bilderberg Group. This is where policy is made for the next year, and big business get their marching orders on what is coming next. Traditionally it was attended by so-called "Conservatives" or "Righ Wing" fundamentalist power brokers. This has never been the complete story.

Alex Jones broke into Bohemian Grove with the help of locals, and broke out a world-class story, putting a very evil spin on the groves activities. What is the truth? What can you learn by attending and sharing?

We call it "Bilderberg West".

Monday, July 13, 2015

Dr. Jolyon West, Jack Ruby, Patty Hearst, Sirhan Sirhan, and Oklahoma City

I found a quick article talking about this, relating to Dr. Jolyon West, who of course is a very interesting character.

Psychiatrist Dr. Louis Jolyon West’s interest in mind control began when, as Chief of Psychiatry Service at the Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, he examined POWs from the Korean War to determine the effects of torture and brainwashing. His experience in this field allowed him to serve as an expert witness in the case of Patricia Hearst, the famous socialite kidnap victim-turned convicted bank robber.

Dr. Jolyon West, Jack Ruby, Patty Hearst, Sirhan Sirhan, and Oklahoma City
Among West’s other famous clients was nightclub owner and assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby. West’s examination of Ruby resulted in Ruby’s diagnosis of mental illness and prescription of psychiatric drugs, which Ruby charged were “poison.” Though West is hailed for helping commute Ruby’s death sentence, Ruby died in prison of cancer two years later, convinced that he was injected with malignant biological material by his captors.
West examined Sirhan Sirhan, alleged assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, and widely suspected of being the victim of a method of brainwashing known as “psychic driving,” a technique made infamous by Dr. Ewen Cameron when he placed patients into long-term comatose states without their consent and played selected phrases continuously to the patient in loops in order to break down psychological barriers to “open the conciousness” of the “subject.”

Oklahoma City Bombing
West headed the American Psychological Association (APA) trauma response team that rushed to Oklahoma City in the wake of the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building. Timothy McVeigh, convicted of the bombing, was examined by John Douglas of the FBI’s Psychological Profile Unit, who determined that McVeigh was “an easily controlled and manipulated personality.”

Drug War and Social Control
In Hallucinations: Behavior, Experience, and Theory (1975) West and a colleague discussed selective drug prohibition as a means of social control:

The role of drugs in the exercise of political control is also coming under increasing discussion. Control can be through prohibition or supply. The total or even partial prohibition of drugs gives the government considerable leverage for other types of control.

An example would be the selective application of drug laws… against selected
components of the population such as members of certain minority groups or
political organizations

Interview with Holland Van Den Nieuwenhof and James Lane, directors of A NOBLE LIE: OKLAHOMA CITY 1995

James Lane and Holland Van Den Nieuwenhof recently completed a feature length documentary on the Oklahoma bombing, A NOBLE LIE, which reveals numerous deficiencies with the official story, and which details an alternative explanation for the event. Reviews of the film to date have been quite positive. To promote the film, Alex Jones has been featuring interviews with the filmmakers, along with new discussions with family members, investigators, rescue workers and witnesses from the day.

This very good interview was recorded on December 16th 2011. It begins with the subject of the Oklahoma bombing, then branches out to cover False Flag events in general, and the probable use of MK-Ultra patsies with those same, government sponsored events. The MK-Ultra linking of McVeigh to the young Afghan prisoners under ‘treatment’ at Guantanamo, and the likely use the latter will eventually be put to, is startling, but makes sense upon reflection. In light of the significant dots joined throughout this discussion – some of which, for me, were quite eye-opening – I’ve transcribed the whole discussion for the record.

The documentary is already available on DVD, but will apparently be released for free on Youtube in the near future. I’ve placed a link to the interview itself at the end of this post, and will add some other related interview links later. I’d be curious to hear what others here think about the MK-Ultra revelations discussed in the latter part of this transcript, and the uses the government has likely found in the past for Dr Jolyon West, protégé of Ewen Cameron.

THE ALEX JONES SHOW – December 16th 2011.
Interview with Holland Van Den Nieuwenhof and James Lane, directors of A NOBLE LIE: OKLAHOMA CITY 1995

ALEX JONES: Now, I’ve interviewed James Lane on the radio before, and then also today again on the radio, and I had Chris Emery the producer of the film on, and they covered a lot of great information, and Holland Van Den Nieuwenhof has been obviously here at the office before whenever he shot the new film A NOBLE LIE: OKLAHOMA CITY 1995, and so he’s going to join us here today. He’s the writer and researcher for the film. This is the only modern film in the last decade since the 16 year-old tragedy at Oklahoma City at the Alfred P. Murrah building. The only modern film, and the most professional ever made, and it’s got many of the victims, many of the eyewitnesses in it. It really is an incredible achievement, and it’s so important now - because as we know those that don’t know history are doomed to repeat it – it’s so critical right now that we understand that they’re gearing up to stage these events again. And they’re so arrogant, they’ve had all these top globalists basically bragging and saying a new Oklahoma City will help us get our agenda through, and the Financial Times of London, you name it, it’s super creepy… And so I want to encourage everyone to support the filmmakers, also the Infowars operation, but more importantly get a tool to wake up others, and to show your friends and family, and to go to and get it, because if you order by Sunday night, we can guarantee you it can be shipped out to you before Christmas, so, or 888-2533-139, and then have viewing parties, show it to your friends and family, so that they understand false flag terror, because if we expose that system, we checkmate the Globalists where they cannot continue these Reichstagian, self-inflicted wound operations. So again, James Lane, who is the director, and Holland Van Den Nieuwenhof, join us to break this down.

Holland, every time I get you on, I butcher your cool name. Did I get it right the second time?

HOLLAND VAN DEN NIEUWENHOF: Ah, the first time you got it right, it’s Van Den Nieuwenhof.

JONES: Ha ha, Van Den Nieuwenhof., so easy when you hear it. I can barely say Jones. Good to have you here with us gentlemen. You spent two years making the film. Briefly, Holland, break down what you think is so powerful about the film, and why it’s so important, and then let’s launch into – because I got another question today – who do we know was involved at the highest levels in the cover-up, and in the bombing itself, and what are some of the other key points we didn’t cover on the radio?

NIEUWENHOF: Well, what’s unique about this film, is that we were able to compile the amazing trail of evidence compiled by independent investigators, police officers, and so forth, and the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee over the past 16 years, package it, and show it to the American people, because all of this information, most of it has been reported before, but the mainstream media just won’t cover it. Also, we’ve been able to break new ground with our own investigation. This was half movie making, half investigation. We’ve talked to witnesses who have never exposed themselves before, who have never talked to the public or put their name out there before, to expose this information about the bombing.

JAMES LANE: One thing that we try to do in this movie, Alex, is actually boil it down to the most provable essence. If not, it would have been a 10-hour movie. This is going to be the last time that people are going to be able to hear the actual eyewitness testimony of people that were actually in that building. They said this is the last time they’re going to do an interview. We just want one cohesive package that encapsulates the entire event. If you know everything about the bombing, or nothing, you’re going to walk away with something new from this, because we cover the information that was gathered by the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee. We cover the official story, and then we deconstruct it. Then we get into some of the newer information, that folks like Jesse Trentadue – who you’ve had on the show before – the information they’ve uncovered most recently through FOI requests and lawsuits that he’s done against the FBI and the DOJ.

JONES: James, and then Holland, crystallise in two minutes each the key evidence of Oklahoma City, and the motive.

NIEUWENHOF: Well, what we can demonstrate is that the Ryder truck bomb, for one, was not the sole cause of destruction to the Murrah building. That there were other people also involved who assisted McVeigh, and these people were ignored by the U.S. government. That some of these people were U.S. government informants, and we have the paper and name them by name. We name some of the agents involved, we name some of the government figures involved. Terry Nichols, in prison, gave an affidavit, and he has nothing to gain by lying about his role. He is suffering under two life sentences. He’s never leaving jail. He named Larry Potts. Tim McVeigh had told him that Larry Potts, assistant director of the FBI, was in charge of the operation that culminated in the Oklahoma City bombing. Louis Freeh, head of the FBI, is now retired and now in charge of the Kent State investigation, that child abuse scandal going on there, so we can be sure that truth and justice will not be achieved in that matter, as it was not achieved in Oklahoma City. The victims here, we have shown this movie to the people involved, people who were in the building. They approve of our endeavours. They know. They want the story out. We were lied to about every aspect of the bombing, top to bottom. What is amazing is that they were able to get away with it, and that the mainstream media did not cover all of these points in a cohesive package that the American people can see and say “This is a lie, and why is it happening?” This can all be erased, all our doubts erased by releasing the security videotapes that surround the Murrah building that show exactly what happened. Who drove that truck? What exactly happened at the building? Sixteen years later, they say they don’t have them, or they’re lost, or that the tapes they have released, they were all having their tapes changed at the same time, 9:02 am, which is ridiculous. The official story and its excuses are very implausible, and once the American people see this, they’ll come to understand the true nature of terrorism, and question everything that their government says from now on.

LANE: Absolutely, and then, you know, they say the primary explosive was ammonium nitrate and fuel oil that was in the Ryder truck that day. We’ve got eyewitness testimony from the survivors of that building. I mean, who are you going to believe, the people that were actually there, or the people that are trying to push the official story? They said that the building was coming down 8 to 10 seconds before the truck bomb went off. They thought it was an earthquake! They had enough time to get under their desks before the glass blew in. According to the FEMA report, that blast wave from the truck was moving at 1300 feet per second. The story just doesn’t hold water according to the people that were actually there. When you add that with the fact that we’ve got Brigadier General Partin who does an analysis of the bombing showing where the additional ordinance would have been placed. You’ve got Dr Samuel Cohen, the inventor of the neutron bomb, saying that it would be against the laws of physics, no matter how much ammonium nitrate and fuel oil was used, to bring that building down. We’ve got a report from Edmond Air Force base where they constructed a single larger explosive, set it off next to a weaker structure, and it did less damage. It was their conclusion that there had to be additional ordinance inside the building. We’ve got Officer Terence Yeakey, a real hero that day, he saved 8 people’s lives, but he was on the scene within minutes… One of the hallmarks of an ammonium nitrate and fuel oil bomb is a nitrate gas cloud, be it in Ireland, be it 41 years ago at Sterling Hall, where the ammonium nitrate bomb was set off, the first 26 responders were hospitalized from the inhalation of nitrate gas. That did not happen, and Terry Yeakey saving people from the building that day within minutes proves that there was no nitrate gas cloud.

JONES: Alright, I want to add a key piece of evidence here, and Holland, you started to get into it. Not one, not two, but three different high level FBI agents, including Larry Potts, the deputy director head of counter terrorism, said he was in Dallas, took a South-West airlines flight. Even mainstream media said there were no flights going in that day, at that time. Then he said, “Oh, I drove”. This is a guy caught like in a movie, “Oh, I did this, I did that…” . Hotel receipts of him the day before, which people need to look into, because he’d been seen. So right there we know they were on the ground. It fits into what McVeigh and others had said. They needed to go after the State rights movement that was centred around Oklahoma. They needed to demonise the growing militia movement. They needed to kind of cover up what had happened at Waco with the flare footage, and the killing there that was coming out in congress right at that time. Bill Clinton told USA Today on Air Force One, right after being elected, he said “I owe my re-election to Oklahoma City”. And now there are advisors today, we cover it on the radio, there’s a whole bunch of them, perhaps you can talk to this, who are saying “We need a new Oklahoma City to blame domestic groups”. I mean, that’s how dumb they think we are, and we’re right up to the same point. Talk about Potts, but then I want to expand into Eric Holder, who was involved in the cover-up, we’ve got his emails thanks to the lawsuits with Jesse Trentadue and others getting the information through FOI. But we have Holder running a False Flag with tens of thousands of guns into Mexico, and drugs back into the US, that’s now all confirmed, we knew it back in January of this year. I mean, this is big medicine, this is big news… If they shipped thousands of guns into Mexico and killed hundreds, why wouldn’t they stage this? I mean it shows… and then the memos, ABC, CBS got ‘em, where they said we’re going to do this to blame the Second Amendment. There’s a False Flag confimed!

NIEUWENHOF: Exactly. Fast and Furious is making the headlines right now where it shows that the ATF is documented, along with the FBI, with shipping guns to Mexico. That has killed thousands of people, and Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, responsible for enforcing the laws of the land, back in 1995, he was in charge of the FBI investigation, the Department of Justice investigation into the Oklahoma City bombing, and in charge of the cover-up of the murder of Kenneth Trentadue in Federal custody. We have his emails where he talks about the “Trentadues and Trenta-don’ts” on how to cover up the story, and the Trentadue story led directly to Oklahoma City, so what you have in the headlines now is Holder implicated right now in a False Flag operation that has killed thousands of people and continues to kill thousands of people…

JONES: You’re right, the Mexican government and the U.S. admit over two thousand, you’re right, it’s not hundreds, it thousands, and it’s at least six cops and border control on our side. Please continue.

NIEUWENHOF: So we have him implicated in what is now being reported in the mainstream media as legitimately a False Flag operation. Holder, back in 1995, was in charge of another False Flag operation, the Oklahoma City bombing. This is why this movie is so timely. We’re showing this is a continual pattern, and if these people are not held accountable for their crimes, they rise up in power and they commit even greater crimes.

LANE: Every time the body count goes up, you know, that’s why we have to hold them accountable, and this movie is going to be a tool, because it’s so easy to poke holes through the official story of the Oklahoma City bombing. They’ve gotten a little more sophisticated more recently, but the Oklahoma City bombing story is just so easy to disprove.

NIEUWENHOF: And the American people haven’t seen it in this platform just destroyed from top to bottom. It holds absolutely no water, and what we can conclusively prove with this movie at the very least, is that the official story is a lie.

JONES: Alright, well I want to give you guys about a 95 on film review, and I think I can only give one of my films a 95. I mean, I want to be honest with folks here reviewing the film that the information is five stars, 100%, the quality of the Hi-Def footage has never before been seen. You know, we got the original TV tapes, the interview you got with survivors, all these people, amazing… There’s a few areas, this happens in my films, where there’s on the fly interviews, the audio is a little hot or a little low, but overall, for your first film, I mean it’s just incredible, and it shows the passion that you guys brought to this. I mean this is really a powerful film, and I know a lot of people out there with a lot of influence watch this show, listen to this show…. Listen, none of us are safe if we don’t expose this, and I just want to say, people should get the film. I mean, it’s not going to film festivals, it’s not going that whole route, it’s right to the public, and it’s up to the people for A NOBLE LIE to have the effect it should. I mean, if this got seen 35 million times for free online, I know soon it’s going to come out online, like OBAMA DECEPTION has had, imagine how this would hurt the globalists, because their secret weapon is False Flag. It is their go-to zeitgeist. We’ve got to take that weapon away from them!

LANE: Exactly, and what this movie does, is it shows the methodology of State-sponsored terror. At the time of the Oklahoma City bombing there was a patriot movement in this country, people were talking about a restoration of the constitution, and the expansion of the police state powers. They were resisting the anti-terrorism legislation that was trying to be passed. After the Oklahoma City bombing it completely silenced anybody that opposed the globalization agenda. Even to this day, if you oppose the expansion of government power, you’re a McVeigh. They love to throw that term out, and then about the time the patriot movement started to get renewed, we had 9/11. Same pattern. It shows Oklahoma City was a pre-cursor to 9/11. I mean, after the event the Patriot Act passed, you know, everyone was begging to have their freedoms taken away. Prior to 9/11 they never would have accepted it. And now we have a new patriot movement in this country and exposing these events, it’s going to take away their False Flag power. Just like Kurt Haskell, where he said he wanted to make sure the underwear bomber case was exposed, because he knew there was something wrong with 9/11. That shows that people in this movement are having an effect, and we are taking the tools away from the new world order, and not allowing them to murder people and ride our ashes to their own political ends.

JONES: Holland, let’s get more into your list there from your research, because you guys are there in Oklahoma, some members of your team over a decade just obsessed with this, because you should be, it’s a mass murder and the government did it, my god, this is incredible, and it’s incredible how they’ve used it undoubtedly to take our liberties and write public memos about how wonderful it was. That’s their total arrogance at us, because they know the public’s naïve. It’s time to stop being children and admit this. Let’s go over some more of the nasty people who were red-handed there, and part of the operation. I mean, you’ve got the Governor’s brother… What about him publishing a book before the thing where a… what - a ‘Tom McVeigh’ is part of the ‘secret circle’, or whatever, and blows it up. I mean, this is incredible.

NIEUWENHOF: Some of these facts are just so amazing, that they wouldn’t even pass the plausibility test in a fiction story. We have the brother of the Oklahoma governor at the time of the bombing, Frank Keating. His brother, Martin Keating, who was a self-admitted insider in military intelligence, writes a book called FINAL JIHAD. According to the publisher, this book was written in 1992. This was about the time, mind you, that McVeigh was being recruited for secret government activities out of the army according to his own admission. Martin Keating writes a book called FINAL JIHAD, which features a character named ‘Ted McVeigh’ who tries to bomb a federal building in Oklahoma City, a plot that is foiled by a State trooper. Now, we take that fiction, that so-called fiction, we look at the real idea that was presented to us the day of the bombing, is that McVeigh gets arrested after the bombing, in Oklahoma, by a State trooper. Now, this obviously is not a co-incidence, and no one can defend that. Obviously there was inside knowledge on the part of the Governor’s office. We have talked to people who have traced a call from the Governor’s office to Walter Read army hospital…

JONES: By the way, let me stop you. It did come out, they wrote it in ’92, it came out in like ’94, and what’s weird is after I made a big deal about this like eight years ago, on Wikipedia, and on… but I own a copy, there’s one here in the office, I just happen to mention this as a factoid. So I have the one published in ’94. They come back out with it and say original publishing date 1996. I mean, that shows again what they’re doing. It’s so amazing that even on Amazon they change the tale.

LANE: Well, they always try to cover their tracks. That was something that we saw here in the Oklahoma City case is, the early hours, the truth always comes out in the media. Within hours they get control of the story and start pushing whatever cover-up they’re going to perpetrate. In Oklahoma, only one news station maintained any integrity for a few months, which was Channel 4. Then the New York Times came in, bought the local news station, fired the program director and the lead reporter, and then any information that contradicted the official story was completely silenced.

NIEUWENHOF: The local media tried to do a good job here, and we could see first-hand how the Feds came in, and how the New York Times came in, and squashed all independent enquiry into the bombing. Channel 4 was interviewing John Doe number two witnesses talking about what the tapes really showed, talking about the second bombs, talking about accomplices. Then all of a sudden it was just shut down.

JONES: And let’s expand on that.

NIEUWENHOF: Well, Channel 4 started basically the original enquiry into the bombing. The first questions raised were why the Office of the Bureau of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in the building was empty. The ATF, which had started the Branch Davidian raid two years before to the day, was the supposed target of the attack, but their office is empty. One of the men who responded to the bombing, and who was trying to look for his wife, he talked to an ATF agent who told him that they had been paged, notified by their pagers, to not come in to work that day.

JONES: Well that’s right, and Terrance Yeakey and some of the doctor’s involved said within a minute after it happened they were in full gear, demanding “Patch me up! I was up in there!”, and they were like “No you weren’t!”.

NIEUWENHOF: Terrance Yeakey and Doctor Plumley were asking questions about when they showed up, why there were certain Federal officials there on site. FBI officials too. The FBI headquarters is several miles away. There were people there already and yet Terrance Yeakey was four blocks away. He was the first person to respond. A lot of questions raised. We show in this movie that the ATF story about what they were doing in that story is a lie.

JONES: …And they practiced months before in New Mexico blowing up a Ryder truck. I mean, there is no end to these people. There is really no end to how evil they are. My god, it is just unspeakably wicked. But, you know, talking about the censorship, buying up that TV station, and everything else that we saw, and changing the publishing date on this book, that just shows you how scared they are of info. If this info didn’t have power, if the global terrorists, the social engineers were invincible, they wouldn’t care. I mean, seeing now military on the streets, checkpoints, gun arrest citizens, training that Oklahoma city investigators, including State reps, are terrorists, you get the manuals. I mean, it looks cartoonish because it’s so over the top, but it’s really happening. But you look at Hitler, Stalin, Mao, that looks cartoonish. Why did they put up with it? Well, it’s the authorities. So, seeing everything happening today as it all comes true, this just adds to the urgency. Your views on that.

LANE: Well, it’s very timely, because as we talked about the NDAA bill passing, with the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial, even if they’re found innocent, you say, well, okay, who are they going to round up? Through Operation Defuse documents, internal fusion centre documents were leaked to us that show ‘’, which was a website originally run by the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee and State Representative Charles Key, is listed under ‘domestic terrorism’. I mean, this shows the people that they want to round up, because these institutions primary goal above anything else is self-preservation, and they have to silence anybody that has the audacity to expose the crimes of the global oligarchy.

JONES: By the way, we’ve talked to investigative journalist Wayne Madsen and others, who have talked to high-level federal informants. Judge Roll – and I’ve seen other connections showing this – Judge Roll, who got shot in the Gifford situation, and I heard this at the time, and I was like ‘No…’, that it was about a gun-running thing, and he was going to expose it and was meeting with her secretly, in a kind of a trans-partisan deal. But now there’s evidence that that was really a hit to basically cover up what was happening. But I mean, there it is. Just six, eight months ago they were saying it’s a conspiracy theory, we didn’t ship guns into Mexico, we only watched them at gun shops. Then it turned out they ordered them to do it, that was just a cover to blame the second amendment, they were really shipping 18-wheelers of guns in, cocaine back in, and now it’s all there. New York Times, El Paso Times, Chicago Tribune, we’ve all covered it here in probably 15 reports.

NIEUWENHOF: Well, I mean, you see how the media is controlled this way. The same week we released our movie, Newsweek magazine released on its internet organ The Daily Beast an article that is supposed to be an expose of Operation Patcon in the early 90’s. Patcon may have been the genesis of the Oklahoma City bombing. Patcon was an operation that the FBI and the ATF undertook to infiltrate every so-called dissident group in the country…

JONES: Yeah, I know, McVeigh was part of that, going to every gun show, the Davidians, every event to scope out who they wanted to blame for the attack.

NIEUWENHOF: But when you look at the Newsweek article when it was finally released, all mention of Tim McVeigh, Andy Strassmeir – who we have sighted in the Murrah building, with bombs – and Operation Patcon have been excised from the final version of the article, and that has been proven because the original article was leaked out. So, they are still exercising the cover-up here. They do not want Patcon getting out, because that was where Oklahoma City may have been born, because it could prove that they were watching McVeigh, that McVeigh was surrounded by government informants from day one.

JONES: No no, exactly, they always use another operation as the cover umbrella, just like with the 7/7 attack in England. It’s admitted the government ran drills on the exact bus, the exact trains attacked at the exact same place, at the exact same time. It’s something like twenty-something tredecillion. That’s billions of time all the grains of sand in the world that that would happen. 9/11, every one of these events, so that if other government agencies bust the inter-criminal group doing it, they say oh, it’s just a drill, like 9/11 with Tripod II, with Giuliani, the attacks on the towers.

LANE: Yes, and we actually have a Senate aide that told Charles Key that they had information that it was a sting operation that had gone bad.

JONES: That’s like World Trade Centre, where they cooked the bombs, trained the driver, the informant says you’re going to let it go forward, know’s they’re setting him up. He records the FBI, Emad Salem, saying go ahead and let it happen, same deal. He was smart enough though, to record them, so we have New York Times, CBS news, yes the government allowed it to take place. No, they didn’t allow it to take place – they did it!

LANE: Yeah, and what happens with this, is even the agents that were not necessarily involved in taking the operation live, they’re complicit in the cover-up to preserve themselves, and their pensions, you know, so it gets the whole institution involved in the cover-up.

NIEUWENHOF: Well, we see the mechanism for a False Flag operation. They take an existing operation, they insert a few key personnel, and they turn it to their own ends. The Oklahoma City bombing was originally supposed to be a big publicity stunt. That bomb was supposed to explode early the previous night and destroy an empty building, that’s what they were waiting on, a big P.R stunt, that’s not what happened though.

JONES: And that’s why McVeigh got so mad, we’re told, because he didn’t want to kill kids.

NIEUWENHOF: Exactly, and then once they messed up, and it blew up and killed over 100 people, almost 200 people, now everyone goes into cover-up mode for what they think is a tremendous foul-up, but it’s not, it actually did go along according to the plan, and that’s how they get the cover-up installed, and it’s not like every agent on the street is covering up the facts that the FBI blew up the Murrah building…

JONES: No, it’s declassified that Lee Harvey Oswald had a top security clearance at a U-2 base in Japan, was CIA, the documents have now been declassified, and they set him up, and he’s like “I’m a patsy”, and they’re like “You’re not going to talk” – boom! – with a guy they know has already got cancer. Jolyon West, McVeigh’s doctor, is involved with that, who is in the congressional hearings – folks, I know this sounds crazy, but you got to look it up for yourself – as the number two guy under Ewen Cameron for mind control programs in MK-Ultra. I mean, you cannot make up how weird this is.

LANE: Yeah, and people would question “Well, if he was a government agent working, why would he not expose the people that were higher up?”, and whenever Dr Jolyon West comes on the scene consulting with the defence team immediately after the bombing… This guy’s worked with Sirhan Sirhan, Jack Ruby, Patty Hearst, you know, any of these big events, and then all of a sudden they’re silent on what happened. You know, I think that’s a good possibility as to why McVeigh wasn’t talking after the event. And then you see that Dr Jolyon West actually passes the torch to his protégé, we obtained information where his protégé John Smith took over with McVeigh, that guy is now in charge of psychology at Guantanamo Bay.

JONES: Which they admit has another base within it where they do mind-control studies. That’s even Washington Post, and then they release those guys to become Al-Qaida leaders leading the Libya attack.

NIEUWENHOF: Exactly, it’s kind of a self-perpetuating cycle. They create these zombie killers in these mind-control camps. What we see at Guantanamo Bay is that you have Camp X-Ray, and then you have what the guards call Camp Nowhere, which is a camp that’s not on the map, where the real heavy stuff goes down.

JONES: And they admit that’s CIA doctors.

LANE: Right, and they use the three D’s – dependency, debilitation and dread. This was pioneered by Ewen Cameron and Jolyon West. They’re using that at Guantanamo Bay, and I think this is probably why they’re not interested in older, so called ‘Al Qaida’ people being put in there. They want kids.

JONES: They want kids, that’s why it came out again in the Washington Post and in Operation Jawbreaker, that they wanted 12-year old kids in Afghanistan, that’s who they mainly were grabbing, because they can purely program them, and these are going to be the terrorists they’re going to unleash on America, and for those that don’t know, there’s History Channel specials even, admitting that Ewen Cameron, Jolyon West’s boss, would grab foster children, and put them on hallucinogens for years straight frying their brain with audio recording who they were, and key words to get food to stop the dread, putting on PCP, dancing around in dental outfits, terrorising five-year old girls. I mean, this country is run by absolute psychopathic killers, and it came out in Guantanamo Bay… …I’m not even going to say on air what they do to those people, I mean it is unbelievable, man, and they’re all going to hit us with Jihadi attacks, and then they’ll say we’ve got to stick our hands down your children’s pants because we’re fighting Al-Qaida, who publically works for them.

NIEUWENHOF: Exactly, I mean, what we see there is that they create the actual problem, this is the False Flag attack, they create the actual problem, and people who have a hard time believing that this government, or a faction of this government could have pulled off Oklahoma City, look at what the CIA has been doing to countries overseas for decades. Fostering coups, putting in military strongmen that kill thousands of people, doing fake bombings under Operation Gladio in Europe and Italy. The Italian senate has accused the CIA of being involved in the Bologna train station bombing…

JONES: No no, their former president, who was the head of their intelligence agency at the time said he was involved in it, and he said 9/11’s an inside job. That’s the big Italian papers. You’re absolutely right.

NIEUWENHOF: So when they bring that mechanism home to affect change here, why should we be surprised? Like we said, if you don’t hold them accountable, they will continue to do their crimes, and make them greater. What incentive do they have to stop? None.

JONES: And the only reason we’re still alive, is that if they kill us, it highlights everything we’ve said, exclamation points. They still may do it, but once you understand these are cold-blooded killers who even set up their own agents who were going to bomb an empty building, and then McVeigh throws a fit, and we’ve talked to the witnesses, you know, family and others, lawyers, as you said, “I’m not going to blow kids up”, forget this, they’re like, they had already psychologically pegged that he was Dudley Do-Right, and was going to do that. They were already… because it’s run by 170 level IQ psycho psychiatrists, this whole thing is run by them.

NIEUWENHOF: They’ve had decades to hone their technique. I mean MK-Ultra started in the 1950’s, it went into the 60’s under that name, and then it changed, and it went underground, I mean they’ve had decades to hone it.

JONES: And they profiled McVeigh, they profiled Lee Harvey Oswald.

NIEUWENHOF: McVeigh’s military records from special forces were never released, his psychological records were never released, and what medical records we do have are very disturbing. He was going to the doctor, at last count, over 100 times in just three years in the military. That is highly unusual for someone in the combat arms, highly unusual for someone like McVeigh who claims never to have had any health problems. He’s going to the dentist once a week for over a year, claims he has no dental problems, what is he doing, what is he going under? We don’t know, and they have never released all those records in full, in fact, those records on McVeigh were sealed on orders of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

JONES: Exactly, it’s national security everywhere. Gentlemen, great job, look forward to talking to you again, and interviewing some of the people that are in your film. Amazing job, available at, people got to get this video out to everybody, look forward to talking to you soon. Thank you gentlemen.




Some follow-up interviews with Oklahoma City bombing witnesses and investigators. Jones will reportedly continue these into the New Year.

THE ALEX JONES SHOW - December 20th 2011
Interview with Hoppy Heidelberg, member of the 1995 Oklahoma Grand Jury, with James Lane



THE ALEX JONES SHOW - December 22nd 2011
Interview with Don Browning, K9 Unit police officer for Oklahoma City and member of the bombing search and rescue team, with Holland Van Den Nieuwenhof